Saturday, December 4, 2010

5 Thrifty ways to decorate for the holidays

Are you having trouble coming up with new ideas this Christmas and can't spend the big bucks? Here are a few inexpensive/free ways to decorate for the holidays on the cheap!

1. Use things you have. Shop around your house looking for Christmas colors, which now a days can be any color. Do you have a red candle stick, an old frame you can change out the the background with some Christmas scrapbook paper? 
*Side Note-Remember this memo board i made a few months ago?
Well i wiped off the dry erase marker, cut some Christmas scrapbook paper to fit the frame and put some Christmas pictures in from when i worked for Santa at the mall :) o the good ole days!

2.  Don't feel like you have to buy specific Christmas decorations. I only have a few things that are Santa or snowmen or Christmas related, most things i just update for the season. Like our Pottery Barn knock off Advent Calendar and Christmas tray.

3. Invest in your Christmas decor. Buy things you can reuse next year. 2 years ago i bought 10 boxes of icicle lights at Target at 90% off so i got ten boxes for $10 bucks.
 Last year we had this little guy as our Christmas tree he was $4 and i added some red berries and lights. This year he is in our guest bathroom for all you guys to enjoy!
 We also bought an artificial Christmas tree at the end of the season last year for $15. 
This year i bought 4 green wreaths to put on our outside windows. They were $8 each with 50% off so the total was $16. And i will definitly reuse them.

4. Shop your Thrift and $1 Store. You know i love love love the thrift store with all the junk i have turned into treasure. So look for things you can make Christmas(y). I have also found some great things at the $1 Store this year they had plastic ornaments in tubes of 12-15 for $1 each! i bought a bunch of red ones to use on our tree and maybe spend $5 bucks. I also put some in one of my mason jars to give the bathroom some yuletide.

I also made the Hurricane's with materials from the $1 Store. They only cost $4!!
they go up here
And for Christmas your could do this.
Or put a candle in it and fill it with bells, or acorns or feathers or sticks. Anything really!
I bought the bottom half, the candle stick and the top, the vase separate and hot glued them together. It was so easy and CHEAP!
They would look great on a table or mantle and you could buy different sizes and make a 3 or 4. So many options :)

5. Use things from the great outdoors. Pinecones are my favorite cause they are great for Fall and Christmas decoration. Even if you like the silver and white look you can spray paint the pinecones with fake snow or white or silver spray paint. You can also go to your local tree lot and they will give you their evergreen scraps for free. They make your house smell amazing and look so pretty on your mantle or tied along the banister.

Happy decorating and i'd love to hear how you are decorating for Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful site! Lots of great ideas. I'll be visiting often. Found your site from the entry you made at Vintage Revivals.



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