Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Recycled soap dispenser

So i have been seeing these cute soap dispensers made out of jars everywhere. And wanted to make some of my own. 
I was planning on making them out of the jars below.
But when i realized that the jar below (that was sitting on my window sill, pictured above) and the whatchamacallit on the right (i bought months ago at the thrift store to make a soap dispenser) FIT TOGETHER PERFECTLY!
So crazy... and perfect. i just poured the soap i already had into the jar and popped the whatchamacallit on top. It was just tight enough to not fall off when tipped upside down and not too tight that i couldn't get it off.
Then my husband drilled a hole in the top of one of my extra mason jars and i put the white watchamacallit (that came in the green disposable soap above) on the top of the mason jar. 
and WA LA! My dish soap and hand soap beautifully displayed in cute jars for free! 
I'm thinking about putting a black chalk board paint label on them but we'll see how it goes. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A little extra storage anyone??

Hello there, i hope you had a fabulous weekend! i went home to visit family and friends and it was wonderful. We came home Sat night so we could go to church on Sunday and play outside a little.  While i was home my friend Linds gave me this old medicine cabinet that she claimed was "collecting dust in her closet' :) love you. 
We had the idea to put wine corks on it for a cork board. 
 and I put it in my bathroom
It fits everything so now..
my drawer is empty!!
And the hubs can fill it with all his junk.
I also made some impromptu soap dispensers for my kitchen to hold my hand and dish soap. They are adorable and look just like the ones selling in the store for lots of beans. i just happened to have everything i needed to make them. See having random stuff laying around does come in handy! :)
I'll share that with you later, i'm off to watch extreme home makeover.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

slowly but surely

I know my posts have been less wordy than usual but life has been so crazy lately!  I haven't finished the hutch yet but here is the in-between-stage.
I sanded the whole thing down, stained her and painted the drawers to look like lace. Once i finish the whole thing i'll do a tutorial on the lace thing, it's super easy!
I still need two knobs for the top and a piece of glass or possibly chicken wire for the middle door.
The top drawer is not really a drawer it's just the front of the drawer so we are going to put a latch on it so that it folds down. I also need to get handles for the drawers
isn't the lace pretty!
I also need to get a piece of wood to go on the bottom shelf. I had to rip it out along with the entire back of the hutch because of mold. ew. 
Hopefully i can get this baby done soon, she is already so beautiful can't wait to see her when she's done!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stool Makeover Numero Dos

It has been busy around here this week so i have a short post for you tonight.
Remember when i recovered this little guy from the thrift store?
I found him like this.
Well this is what happened when the hubs was cleaning out the tub with clorox..
and see that little circle in the picture below that is from the plate that he used to cover it up...
Shame shame...
So i just recovered it with this linen fabric.
and now it's back in the bathroom where it belongs, and if the clorox incident happens again it won't be as noticeable :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

O Happy Day!

Hey lovelies, Happy Valentines day! I hope you had an amazing day, spending time with people you love. I LOVE valentines day, For as long as i can remember i've celebrated this day, my mom always got us a little gift and my dad always took me out for breakfast or brought me flowers.  And this morning my sweet sweet husband woke up at 4:30AM to pick up these beautiful tulips, and the most thoughtful card! 
I realized i never shared with y'all the pictures from when we planted our Christmas tree together, and since that was sweet surprise from the hubs, i thought i'd share the pictures with you on this day of Love. If you want to read the story of the Christmas tree you can do that here.
Now maybe in 10 years we can decorate it :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Getaway!

So this weekend the hubs and i went to Birmingham to visit Sister and Brother. It. Was. Amazing. and sooo needed! We left after work on Friday and came back on Saturday afternoon in time to have dinner with some wonderful friends from church, which was so fun! Basically this weekend was amazing! So i'm just gonna post some pics so i can get some rest before the week begins again :)
We went to a delicious Mexican place called Chuy's
While the boys did this...
The girls did this.....
We put on all brother's clothes
Love her!
We went mountain biking at Oak Mountain
Buddy loved it, and slept the whole way home :)
and then we did this for about half an hour.
what a lovely weekend! Today i worked on my hutch and it almost finished! I'll post on that later this week.


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