Monday, December 13, 2010

One day...

In my last post i talked about wanting to buy, fix up, and sell furniture. Well i have only done three pieces so far, and i have five more pieces waiting to be recycled. So i thought i'd show you what i have done.
This piece of course which i showed you yesterday. Which is for sale for $50 if you're interested! 
I also sand and painted this dresser for our bedroom. I got the dresser for $15 bucks at the thrift store. It had 8 drawers but two of them did not match so i painted them and put them under our bed for extra storage. And in their place i put the beautiful baskets.  I'm so bummed i don't have a before picture! but i did this before i started my blog. O well.
There are the extra drawers under the bed.

I also fixed up this small side table for our living room.  You can read all about that process here. This one was really fun to do, cause i didn't have much of a vision i just tried new things. 

I will show you a few pieces I am working on, or will hopefully be working on soon. 
My sweet friends Elizabeth and her husband Josh were so gracious to drive 45 minutes out of their way to pick up this desk for me! I found it on Craigslist for $25!
Remember this post about my inspiration. Well this space 
is aspiring to look similar to this space with it's own flair of course :)
I have a long way to go but i did find the lamp that looks very similar and i plan to...
1. Paint the purple walls green
2. paint the desk 
3. think of some cute decoration for over the desk (i'm open to ideas)
The desk already has freed up a lot of space on my shelves and i have only filled one drawer!

The second piece is this vanity i found at the thrift store last week. It was only $10!
I'm still trying to figure out if i'm going to keep it or not, if anyone would like to buy it and wants it custom painted let me know, otherwise i'm thinking of leaving it right where it is in between the hanging beds in the guest room and painting it red like this inspiration photo.
The other piece i'm going to fix up is an old dresser my dad gave me from when he was in college.
My plan is to paint everything white (to match the dresser above) except the front of the drawers. The wood looks so cool that i don't want to mess with it. And i'm gonna get new knobs for it, i'd like to get all different ones. 

I've got a lot of work to do! I will keep you posted as i slowly get things done. There are two more pieces i am working on but i can't show them to you until after Christmas :)

What furniture have you paint, stained, decoupaged, or just found for a bargain recently?


A-town said...

I'm so glad you're not painting those beautiful drawers.

Jackie L. said...

I love the blue desk!

Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont said...

That vanity for $10 was such a deal! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Also, great decision not to paint the drawers of your dad's dresser. They are beautiful as-is. :)


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