Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thrifting 7.14.10

So today i took my weekly trip to America's thrift store! Sometimes when i go i don't find anything and other times i hit jackpot like today!! Here's what i found.
Here are some up-close pics.
I love the pattern of these old sheets the first one was .99 cents, the second one was also .99 cents, the third one was .89 cents and the last one is actually a dust ruffle. but i liked the leaves on it and i got that one for .50 cents. My plan is to learn to make pouches with this cute fabric. Cause you know i love my pouches :)
This lamp was marked down to $2. My plan is to paint it white get a burlap shade and make it a floor lamp....Keep updated for the blog post!

This chair was $2.48. I love having miss matched chairs around the house. Little paint, some new fabric. Wala! Brand new chair!

And this end table was $3.88. I'm not sure where i'm going to use this yet, possibly our bedroom, my craft room or maybe the living room. but i'm going to paint it white put new pulls on it and add a basket to the bottom shelf. Anyway hopefully i'll get it done soon but i will do a blog post about this one as well!

O and the wreath i got for $1.25 i'm not sure what i'm going to do with it yet but i wanted to get one for the Christmas Season. Hopefully i'll find some wreath ideas soon. Let me know if you have any ideas!

The total for this trip was $13!


The Burfitt's said...

LOVE the new name. and i love the new buys. and i can't wait to see you SOOOOON :)

Anonymous said...

Alaina you are so creative!! I miss you guys and hope to see you soon! This is Daniel Huffman!

Carol O said...

I just heard an AWESOME idea for your wreath. Take any old chirstmas tree ornaments that are not sentimatal and have seen better days. Thrift stores, dollar store, yard sales, etc. are great places to collect bags of old ornaments that have seen better days. Wire the ornaments to the wreath then fill in between with left over silk/plastic flowers of any kind and those which have seen better days. Just make sure you dust everything off before you attach it. Once you have your wreath nice and full, spray it with gold spray paint. Let dry and voila!


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