Monday, November 22, 2010

Advent Calendar

Remember in my Christmas Inspiration post I shared with you this advent calendar i loved.

well i tried to make one myself here is how it turned out.
Starting December 1st we will put the ornaments on the little black tree that is sitting on the table!

Here's how i did it, it was super easy and cheap! 
You will need:
Bulletin Board
Linen fabric
white scrapbook paper
25 ornaments
25 stick pins 

I used the bulletin board i had in my craft room as my inspiration board.
But if you don't have a bulletin board already all you have to do is lay the fabric on the ground (the side you want showing to the floor) lay the board on top of it and pull the fabric tight and staple it on the back.

Then cut out 25 tags and numbers, I printed mine on the computer but you can hand write yours if you have pretty handwritting. Then i attached the tag and the number to the board with stick pins. Ya know the ones you use for sewing.
Then just hang your ornaments on the stick pins. This was the hardest part for me. We only had a few from Christmas last year so i have found quite a few from  for $1 at Walmart and Target.

Bulletin Board=already had (I found it at the thrift store for $1.50)
Linen fabric-already had (Hobby Lobby 1/2 yard=$3 don't forget your 40% coupon)
white scrapbook paper = Already had, got out of a scrapbook i bought a while back, you could use printer paper too.
Numbers=Print off the computer
25 ornaments=i have spent $6 so far and i still need 6 more
25 stick pins=already had from sewing crafts

I spent $6

If you needed all the supplies (except the ornaments) it would cost you less than $10.

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Sally said...

can you enter twice?!?! Here's my second entry :)

LOVE the advent calendar!!! Might just try to do it myself!

The Burfitt's said...

that is sooo cute!


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