Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life lately

I am not very good at this blogging thing...Life has been a bit crazy lately. We are in the final stages of buying a house, hopefully we close on Monday!! So my life is in boxes right now. And due to a hectic schedule, P90 has been put off for a week or so. BUT i have still been exercising.
Monday we went climbing, and i honestly can see an improvement, strength wise since last time i went. I was climbing a grade better than i usually do!
Tuesday I ran/walked.
Today i am going to the Y and i'll probably do the ab ripper for P90. Hope it's easier than it sounds...
So back to the house, we close on Monday and we decided not to have cable or internet to save money, we may end up getting internet eventually. Needless to say i will have more time to do this crazy workout video! HAH i mean really i will have more time and we will do it!!
Here are some pics of the house! O, and i will be updating the house as we paint, decorate, etc!
Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not sure which day it is....

So doing p90 after 24 never happened on Sat night... O Well we started up again Monday night we did buns and thighs... and it's Wednesday and i'm still sore! I'm doing it again tonight, and we are back to disc one so Chest and back which means all push ups and pull ups! Hopefully i can do more than 2 this time!
I will watch Lost while i workout tonight to make time go by faster :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Night

It's Saturday night, 5:45pm and i am sitting on my couch catching up on 24.

Needless to say i really don't want to workout right now :( Husband is working 5-8pm tonight. We should have done it earlier but this morning we made homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and it took much longer than i had expected..... the first time around we got to the part where we were supposed to nead the batter and forgot to add the egg. We tried to add it at the end but it just turned out to be a slimy mess. So we started all over. Then i realized we were out of sour cream, which we needed for the dough. So i ran to wal-mart and grabbed some sour cream. 5 minutes after i got back when we finished making the batter we realized we needed more flour. Ugh!! so i ran to fresh market to get some flour.
We finish the cinnamon rolls and i put them in the oven and i'm looking over the recipe only to find that your supposed to let the rolls sit for an hour and a half before baking it! You have got to be kidding me.
Whatever. I bake them anyway, make the icing and pour it on top after letting them cool for 10 minutes.
They were alright, 4/5ths of them are still sitting on our counter!
So then we went to see the movie Valentine's day and when we got back it was pretty much time for him to go to work. So here i sit....When i finish my 24 update i'm putting in the P90X dvd... I could use some words of encouragement though :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 3 & 4

This is how i've been feeling the past few days...

So we took a day off on Saturday, i know so soon, but husband worked all day and i was going to wait for him and then we decided to just take a break because i was having trouble moving my body that day....
So on Sunday we did day 3 which wasn't too bad but i was so sore that it definatly wasn't fun. But the nice thing was they count down your work out in the bottom right hand corner so you know you only have 40 minutes left....

Monday, Day 4 we did Yoga, which was a nice break. I'm not saying in any way that yoga is easy, but i would much rather do that then plyometrics! So before we put the disc, husband told me it was yoga day and i was like, "Sweet that will be a nice relaxing workout." Until he put the disc in and i realized it was 1 and a 1/2 hours of yoga!!! That is a long time to be doing anything! needless to say i only did about 50 minutes of it. It my seem that i am slacking a bit on this whole exercise thing but let me remind you that the workouts i've done since i started P90X is more than i've done in my life. I mean i definatly get my fitness in every week but never 4 days in a row (with one rest day in the middle :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 2


Just ate dinner and finished day 2 about an hour ago. Can't tell if i'm tired and sore from tonight or yesterday! Day 2 was all plyometrics and we didn't stop moving for the entire 54 minutes. We were jumping, spinning, frog walking, squats, lungesand more for 54 minutes straight. I know i'm saying 54 minutes a lot but 54 minutes is a long time! I had to pause the video a few times to take a break because crazy tony didn't break enough for me! but he said that was ok.
We haven't been following the nutrition plan for every meal, because one we can't afford that and we already eat pretty healthy. Well, besides chocolate. I cleaned out my drawer of goodies at work today. Except i kept the delicious dark chocolate candies that Cindy gave me but i have limited myself to one a day. Which surprisingly is a huge cutback!!
Anyway that's all i have tonight. I will be dying tomorrow, good thing i can sleep in!

Tony Quote: "Hit the pause button, or NOT!!" (um i definitely hit the pause button )
Here are a few photos from our exhausting night!

Day 1- Nice to meet you Tony

So we got home from the climbing gym last night and i wanted to see what this whole P90X thing was about so i put the first disc in and began to watch.

I decided to just do day 1 workout. Hello Tony. Tony is the video instructor, kinda cheesy but seriously this man is a machine! First we did stretching which felt awesome and i thought, "man if this is the whole video i can definatly do this!" Little did i know that was just the first 5 bummer....

Then he started the back and chest workout, first we did pushups, which i can literally only do 2 at this point... then moved to pull ups then back to push ups then some exercises with weights...there is not a specific number that you have to do you just do as many as you can.

So this back and forth nonsense went on for about 45 mins. And surprisingly i didn't quit. Now if any of you have been to the gym with me, well let me rephrase that, if any of you have brought me to the gym with YOU, you understand my gym workout... i'm that girl at the gym that brings a snack and encourages my friends cause they are so good at working out and it's just too hard for me...

So i completed day 1! When i workout i usually do not feel sore until a few days i am sooooo sore! and i slept like a rock last night! So if anything, this video is a wonderful sleep aid. As much as it hurts i would much rather be sore after a workout than feel like i didn't do enough.

So there it is day 1...tonight we being day 2 and take our before pics..(which i will not post because i think they are awkward)

Tony quote: (as he is doing push-ups) "I'm takin a vacation, o that vacation is over!"

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's in!

P90X is in!!

I would start it tonight but husband wants to go to the climbing gym :(

So we will start tomorrow
and soon we will look like this....

Happy Thursday!!


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