Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thrifting with Lindsey

Today i went down to Atlanta to go to a thrift store and garage sales with my good friend Lindsey. She had been earlier that week and picked up a red lamp and cross for me that i have pictures of below.  By the way Linds is the QUEEN of thrifting! If that's a word, if not i'm making it one. Everything in her house is from a thrift store, and it looks beautiful! 

I found this candle holder for $1.50. Thought it was kinda unique.

And an up close pic of the top.

Linds found this cross for $7. 

And this lamp for $13. Debating on whether or not to change the shade? What do you think?

This beauty we found at Goodwill for $15. It holds all  most of my craft stuff.

My paint.

Candles and decorating stuff.

Random stuff.

And my fabric!

I love it! I may paint it green later but for now i'm loving the yellow! 

Friday, July 30, 2010

Vintage Pyrex....i heart it

One Saturday while i was taking my husband to work we saw an estate sale sign, and he wanted me to go see if they had an leather couches. Well they didn't have any leather couches but i did find this adorable vintage pyrex dish for $6. I loved it so i brought it home and started researching old pyrex's online. There are so many different designs! I loved them all.  So i decided i wanted to start a little collection.  

Well last week i was at America's Thrift Store, and i found this beauty! The blue color matches my kitchen walls wonderfully. The best part was it was only $4.88!  Score! I was so excited, and if that's not a sign that i should start a collection, i don't know what is :)

Happy Thrifting!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Living Room update

So last night i posted about this little beauty i painted yesterday. 

Well i forgot to post about how it inspired me to paint our coffee table as well.

I bought some fabric that morning from Walmart. It was in the clearance section. I got the whole spool for $5, and there were about 5 yards on the spool. I had no idea what i was going to do with it but i loved the fabric and it was so cheap who could pass it up?
So last night as Robby was falling asleep on the couch i decided to make curtains out of it. I measure it and it was just enough to be able to cut the entire thing of fabric in half. No sewing involved. i literally cut it and hung it on the rod with these clips. Except mine were $4.99 and they are chocolate brown. Anyway, around 11:30 last night this is what i came up with.

And from the other angle.

And this morning.

I LOVE it!!!! i love how light and air and summer it is :) And i can put any color with those curtains!

To redo the living room it only cost me about $20 bucks, can you believe it!?!?
The side table was- $14
Coffee table-just painted with the extra paint from the table
Curtains- $5

But this is not the end of my Living room makeover! In a few months it will look completely different! Here is a hint of one of the new additions to our living room: Wood burning fireplace :) o the word just makes me happy. Stay tuned for more updates!

On a school note. I recieved my first unit, one of 6, on Sunday I will be about half way through today! Now i'm off to read about Color! Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Before and after side table

Whenever i paint anything i always wonder whether i or not i need to prime and whether or not i need to sand... my husband would say i don't need to do either and he is usually right but i always get nervous before i paint furniture.

This is what i started with...

I sanded it down a little just to make sure the paint would soak in. Then i painted a coat of white with some paint i had left over from my dresser redo, and i was originally planning on painting it white. As i was painting the first coat i realized that the paint was sticky and thick so i just did one coat and decided to run to Lowes to see if i could get a small thing of white paint to finish the second coat. 

While i was there i was talking to my dad on the phone and he suggested to just add some water to my white paint since it was water based, which actually worked. But while i was there i found some reduced paint. It was paint that someone had mixed and ended up not liking the color, i guess... Well i found a reduced creamy white color and a grey/blue/green color, $1.50 each!! shoot YEA!! So i bought them both and decided to get by a little daring and mix them. 

So i poured them into a large mason jar i had and shook away, well hubs shook away :)

Here is the finished product. I'm thinking about sanding down the edges to give it a worn look, what do you think?

I got some pulls from Hobby Lobby 50% off!

Project breakdown
Side table- $4.00
Paint- $3.00
Pulls- $4.50

Project total- $11.50

Lamp Makeover

Here is my lamp before and after!


I used:
~Valspar primer spray paint
~Valspar Satin finish spray paint (i can't remember the name of the color right now but i will update it later) It is like a cream color
~making tape to tape off the switch and the cord so i didn't paint them
~Brillo pad

1. First i rubbed down the lamp with the brillo pad so the paint would stick.
2. i painted a light coat of primer.

3. I sprayed a light coat of the satin finish.


I bought a new shade at Walmart for $14
I would like to add some trim but well see once i get my funds back up :)

So here is the breakdown:
Lamp- $2
Paint- $8
Brillo pad- already had (dollar store)
Masking tape: already had
lamp shade $14
Total $24!

Pretty good considering the ones i was looking at were $40-$60 at Homegoods!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thrifting 7.14.10

So today i took my weekly trip to America's thrift store! Sometimes when i go i don't find anything and other times i hit jackpot like today!! Here's what i found.
Here are some up-close pics.
I love the pattern of these old sheets the first one was .99 cents, the second one was also .99 cents, the third one was .89 cents and the last one is actually a dust ruffle. but i liked the leaves on it and i got that one for .50 cents. My plan is to learn to make pouches with this cute fabric. Cause you know i love my pouches :)
This lamp was marked down to $2. My plan is to paint it white get a burlap shade and make it a floor lamp....Keep updated for the blog post!

This chair was $2.48. I love having miss matched chairs around the house. Little paint, some new fabric. Wala! Brand new chair!

And this end table was $3.88. I'm not sure where i'm going to use this yet, possibly our bedroom, my craft room or maybe the living room. but i'm going to paint it white put new pulls on it and add a basket to the bottom shelf. Anyway hopefully i'll get it done soon but i will do a blog post about this one as well!

O and the wreath i got for $1.25 i'm not sure what i'm going to do with it yet but i wanted to get one for the Christmas Season. Hopefully i'll find some wreath ideas soon. Let me know if you have any ideas!

The total for this trip was $13!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Blog Title

Ok so i am trying to think of a new blog title, something catchy ya know? I am so bad at stuff like this. Robby came up with "Pursuing a life of Rustic thrift" which i love, but i don't know if it's too long or not. Any suggestions??

Monday, July 12, 2010

It's Here!!

So...I am going back to school for Interior Design. It's an online course through Sheffield Institute, and all my school supplies came in the mail today!! I'm so excited to get started! 
I will be blogging through the process so stay tuned for updates :)

Kitchen Menu Chalkboard

I have been looking for a large frame to make into a chalkboard for our kitchen and this weekend i found this deer picture at a garage sale for .50 cents. Here are the before and afters!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Garage Sale Finds

So this weekend while home with the family, husband, my father-in-law and i went to some garage sales. Seriously this is my favorite thing to do! Here is what i found.
I have been looking for one of these old crates for a while. I saw one at pottery barn, of course it was a remake, but it was $24. This one was priced at $10 but i talked him down to $6.
Next i found this old lantern for $5.  I have a theme of lanterns going on in our log cabin, but this is my first old one and i love it! 

I rearranged our little wine shelf thingy and added my new stuff!

I also got this shelf for $4 i'm going to get a little craft crazy on it and hang it over the toilet in the bathroom. 

I got these frames for .50 cents each. The big one i'm gonna turn into a chalk board for our kitchen and the little one i'm going to paint black for our family picture wall in the guest room. 

I got this coca cola crate for $7 and used it to corral all of our stuff on our coffee table. 
I also got a few old jars, one a lady just gave me and the other is a blue mason jar i got for $1. They are both sitting in the sink waiting for me to wash them cause they were SOOO dirty, i think there were insect nests or whatever in them. Anyway hope you had a fabulous weekend!!


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