Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thrift Store Stool Makeover

Remember this ugly stool i found at the Thrift Store for $3?
Well i primed it and painted it.
I removed the cushion off the seat, with this crazy bed bug thing going around i decided to buy a new one.
So i was left with a piece of wood.
I bought foam at Hobby Lobby for $1.66 (with my 40% off coupon and hubs 15% discount)
Then i ironed my green fabric. Which i got from JoAnn's for $6 a yard and still have half left over! I Layed it out on my ironing board with the foam and wood seat.
I pulled the fabric as tight as possible and stapled it down.
Then I folded down the corners and stapled them. 
and WahLA!!
A new stool that is perfect next to our tub!
I sanded down the edges a bit.. as usual :)

So here is the project breakdown
Stool $3
Spray paint-$3
Foam $1.66
Fabric $3 

7 comments: said...

That looks so awesome. Jealous of your bathroom situation.

Kelley said...

Fabulous! Looks great.

Laina said...

Thanks guys! I am hoping to get the walls painted pretty soon so check back for more updates!

cushycottage said...

i love your bathroom. it's very spa like. do you live in a cabin house?

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

This looks great. Good call about changing the fabric - one of the bloggers I read got hit with them and it was super expensive! (Found you via Remodelaholic.)

Laina said...

Thanks guys! yes i live in a log cabin. We love it! Jessica i feel so bad for them!! i heard it's a huge ordeal to get them out of your house!

Anonymous said...

Great job on the stool!


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