Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thrifting 10.7.10

It has been a while since i did a post on my thrift store finds, that's cause i really haven't been in a while. Cause i told the hubs that i would forgo shopping for a while to save money. Check out my posts on my free projects here and here.
So today at the thrift store i scored big!! check out what i got.
I LOVE this foot stool it will be perfect in our bathroom! I got it for $2.98! When i saw the price i snatched it up as if someone else was eyeing it :) This is the fabric i would like to cover it in.

This fabric and a little white paint... it'll be lookin so good!
I love old books the ones with yellow pages, torn edges and that old musty smell! Gets my heart racing :) The nutcracker was .39 cents, thought it would be perfect for Christmas decorations. the Brown one is called "The best of families" it was .59 cents and my favorite is robin hood it is green and yellow with trees on the front. It was $2.98
If anyone knows how to get those terrible price tags off please let me know! i use goo goon on most stuff but i don't think it works very well on books.
See the pretty robin hood cover!
I got this pretty little crate for .59 cents and the candle holder for $1.48. I love that the candle holder is already white and distressed! just like i like it!
I'm thinking about using the crate as a planter, i'll have to drill some holes in the bottom though. Let me know if you have any ideas!


The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

ughhhh take me to YOUR thrift store!! there's only boring goodwills here and nothing is under 4.88!!! HATE IT! i feel like i can get stuff cheaper at ross/homegoods!

Laina said...

I know i don't go to goodwill anymore i got to america's thrift. I love it! its so cheap and every week certain colored tags are 30% 50% and 70% off. I know there is one on canton and blackwell but that's kinda far from you. check online and see if there is one closer cause they are so good! said...

Gosh I thought you were going to use the little crate for a foot stool.(flip it over) I thought what a great idea for my little ones yet still functional and decorative. Anyway great finds. What are you doing with the books, making one of those cool shelfs?

katskraps4kids said...

great finds! I was saying on another post how my GW is too high here. I am amazed by the deals some folks find- Love that stool!

Anne said...

Oh my goodness I can't decide what I love more! I never seem to have any luck thrifting, but I think I may need to try harder!

Laina said...

hey guys thanks so much! Yeah the small crate i used to hold books next to my bed, it was a little to small to use as a stool and a little wobbly too :)
Kat-My GW is super over priced too! i shop at America's thrift, each week they rotate out their price tag colors and they are 30% 50% and 70% off! it's awesome!
Anne you can tackle the thrifting thing just look for bone structure and try to think outside the box! Good luck :)


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