Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blog Award..What?

Chrissi over at Home is where the Heart is presented me with a Stylist blogger Award. Can you even believe it?? I can't! Thanks so much Chrissi!
Rules for this award are - share 7 things about yourself and share the award with 3 other folks. So here ya go...

1. In college my roomie and i LOVED Jessica Simpson and would come home from anything to watch Newlyweds.  And i still really like her...

2. I want to learn to play the Piano, maybe it will be next years resolution.
I want to find a free piano off craigslist, have it tuned, and paint it green :)

3. I hate running.
This was taken after my first 5k. 11.20.10 

4. I love hot chocolate. and cold chocolate too. 

5. If i became a millionaire i would still shop at thrift stores. Cause it's so fun.

6. I talk in my sleep. a lot.

7. My love for decorating started at a young age. When i was in middle/high school i would switch rooms with my brothers. Literally, like all their furniture would be out in the hall while i moved my furniture in, all by myself, and i would reorganize our rooms in the process. My mom wouldn't find out until she came up stairs and saw my masterpiece! Good thing my mom is so laid back.

Now i get to give this award to 3 other bloggers. And the winners are...
Sheila at Adventures of Ordy and Joon- She has the best home and fashion sense you should check out her What I wore Wednesday posts!
Mary Grace at White Waxflower-You remember her from my blog post.  Her home is more than inspiring and her little pooch is really cute too!
Elizabeth at Choosing Happiness-her blog was started for family and friends, but with her cute little boy you'll be hooked even if you don't know her :) 

So go check out the fabulous blogs!


A-town said...

I love that 5k picture. hahahaha

The Burfitt's said...

awwww. girl, you are too sweet :) and YES, i love that 5K picture too, haha. love you girl...can't wait to see your beautiful face this weekend!!

The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

1- i wish i looked as hot as you after a 5k... i wish i could even be photographable after a 5k lol and
2- my DREAM is to have an old YELLOW piano! WEIRD! Ordy checks CL for me all the time!!! (like i have any room for it... ha!)
3- thanks for giving me a distraction! haha i didn't need it, but i like it :)

marygrace said...

Awww, so nice of you, thank you!! And I was obsessed with "Newlyweds" in college, too!! I *may* own all 4 seasons on DVD (embarrassed face).


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