Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Music makes the heart grow fonder

It has been a long long time since i have really listenend to music. Like when you get a new cd and you love it so much you put it on repeat. Lately the only time i listen to music is at work and in the car. At work i just put on Pandora, recently to the Bing Crosby Holiday Station. And it's so busy i can't focus on it. In the Car i just change the station til i hear a song i like. But that's not really listening. That's just filling time with noise so you don't have to sit in silence.
Last night i feel asleep to Sara Bareilles. I used to LOVE falling asleep to good music. It all started with Frank. I love him. I would leave Frank Sinatra on in my bedroom when i wasn't home in college. I thought it would warn off anyone trying to rob our apartment. Cause who would break in when Frank is singing so Cheerfully in the background?

Anyway, back to going to sleep to Sara. It was lovely, i LOVE LOVE LOVE falling asleep to music. The hubs not so much, i'll have to do a lot of convincing :) It lets my mind drift about the good ole days. This was a random post, and i rambled a bit but just thought i'd share.

So with all this said, i feel like i would love to hear what music you are loving right now.  I need some new music to jam out to, or lay in bed and fall asleep too!

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The Burfitt's said...

sarah bareilles has become my new permanent pandora station, seriously!! LOVE all of her music. sorry i didn't txt u the size yesterday. i got stuck at my parents house last night with all of the icey madness. i didn't want to be one of the 1000 wrecks last night. i will let you know today when i get home!!


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