Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baking Sheet Memo Board

     I haven't posted in a while cause it has been crazy over here at the Gambrell Cabin. We have been working on some Christmas gifts that i can't wait to show you after Christmas. (Wouldn't want to ruin the surprise!)  This post is short and sweet but i just wanted to show you a cute memo board i made a few weeks ago. 
     By the way just call me butterfingers... in the past two days i've broken three things.  The top to one of my mason jars, an ornament, and one of my glass hurricanes.
     Now on to today's craft, on my "Best Thrifting day Ever" post i forgot to mention a little cookie sheet i picked up for $2. I wanted a memo board for the kitchen to hold pictures and notes. So i put a couple magnets on the back of some of my many buttons and called it a day. Check it out. All i did was a put a small screw thru the middle to hang it on the wall and then covered the screw with a picture.

Not all baking sheets are magnetic so if you want to get one i'd suggest carrying around a magnet in your purse so you can try it out before you buy it.


A-town said...

cute idea. was that there when we all came? and I always carry a magnet with me.

Laina said...

yeah it was, i am just getting around to posting it :)

Sally said...

Love that picture up top (possibly covering the screw?)! Great memories of our boys :)
Merry Christmas!

Laina said...

Haha Yes! Sally i love that pic!


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