Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Color Dilema

Hey guys, i hope you had a wonderful Christmas! As i was sitting in the Christmas Eve Service i realized i left my camera at home! So sad. I will hopefully get some pics from the family so i'll share that with you later. 

I need your advice, again... You remember my Craft Room?
I am SOOO tired of the purple.
So i went to my color swatches :)
And i found this. Macchiato by Behr
This pillow is my inspiration for the room. I thought the Macchiato matched the brown in the pillow.
But i am OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS!  i would really like a neutral color though.
What do you think?
While your at it, remember this desk?
Well i am planning on painting it too, but not sure what color. If i paint the walls neutral then maybe i could go a little bold.
Here's the thing, i have 4 pieces of furniture waiting to be painted...
This desk (above)
This vanity. Which i'll either keep as a desk in our guest room or sell it... If i keep it, it will go in the guest room which is green with red and grey accents. 
I also want to paint this sewing table. (sorry this pics a little blurry)
I put our old coffee table back in the family room because the size is perfect for eating dinner and playing games, ya know normal after work stuff. But i don't like the blue because i painted this table blue and that's just too much blue for one room:)
So there ya have it, tell me what YOU would do, my whole dilema is that my whole house is a neutral cedar, which i love, but it's hard to find a neutral to go with it, i would like a light cream/tan? but i'd rather use a color that someone else has used and loves because i'm tired of repainting! 
I wouldn't mind painting the coffee table and sewing table the same color, maybe a dark grey? but again i'd like a recommendation instead of picking out a color on my own.
Now that i typed all this out i am really liking the grey idea, because it would go in the family room and i can paint the vanity grey to match the sheets in our guest room.

So what do you think? Is there a grey you've used and love? Do you like the Macchiato color i picked or do you know of another neutral that would look good in that room?

Guess what this Saturday is......
Goodwill half off day, and you know who will be there!! You should go too :)


A-town said...

I don't even know what to say but I am excited to see what you do!

Laina said...

Thanks Allison! i'll keep you posted :)

Jackie said...

I like the color you picked, but maybe something lighter will be better. But I dont know waht that color could be. Good luck.

Reenie said...

I like the color ~ but I'd go a shade or 2 lighter. Or maybe the greenish color in the pillow would look nice too. :)

Amanda said...

Hey Alaina,
I don't know if you remember me from 1st grade (Amanda Melton), but we were friends on facebook and I came across your blog and really enjoy checking out the changes you have made to your house!
My husband and I bought our house a little over a year ago, and have been fixing it up ever since. You should check out our blog about our home adventures...haha
Anyways, I also wanted to share with you a gray/stone color that we recently painted my home office/craft room. I love it, even though I told Alan it was probably way too light. It turned out perfect!
It's Whispering Wind from Olympic (at Lowe's).
I can't wait to see how all of your painting projects turn out!
Take Care!

Laina said...

Jackie, and Reenie i think i'll definitly go with a lighter shade. I picked behr cause it has the paint and primer in one and i'd rather not to do both :)

Amanda-Of course i remember you! i love your blog!! those yarn christmas trees are so cute and your house is Beautiful!! Thanks for the advice on the paint is that the same color you used in your foyer? i love that color too!

Amanda said...

Nope, that's a different color than what our foyer is painted. That one is called Secret Passage, also from Olympic. It's a bit more blue than the other one.

CW said...

I think I would go lighter too and I am a fan of dark colors. Was that pic taken at night or during the day?

Laina said...

Thanks CW it was taken at night. the purple is too bold for me so i just want something that will match everything.

L.Caroline said...

I like something a little lighter, too- but in that same shade. Also, a green would be nice... Can't wait to see! (I know I'm a little late on this response)

Laina said...

No Lori you're fine i haven't started painting yet, i'm not sure on the green because my guest room is green and if i painted it that color i'd want it to be the same color. but it's not a paint and primer in one. :/


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