Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thrifting 12.1.10

I went thrifting yesterday! It was a good day. Here's what i found.
Martha Stewart Blue Glass Ornaments. $2.50
I hung them above our sink, you probably saw that yesterday :) with some ribbon i had left over from our wedding.
I also got that wreath for $2.
This cute little plate was .60 cents.
I put it on this shelf in our guest bathroom, which i just realized i never posted about it. That was our free project #4. I the wood from that empty lot near our house. The same lot where we found the wood to make these shelves, and this shelf for our bathroom.
It was a long piece and the hubs cut it in half for me and it has a little groove in the top. Which is perfect for plates and i wanted to hang it in the kitchen but i couldn't find anywhere to put it so we decided on the guest bathroom. I will post a larger picture of the whole bathroom later. 
Pinecones $1.48
I put them in a glass hurricane (also used in our wedding) we had sitting by our fireplace. In the other one is left over ornaments.
Lantern $2
There are two panels that are broken out but i still loved it and for $2

Total Thrift Store purchases $8.60! 

What have you found for a bargain lately?


marygrace said...

Oooo what is the story behind that painting of the barn in the thick wooden frame? I LOVE it!
My latest bargain was at the local library. I've collected vintage books since I was a little girl, and the library had a huge box full of them out front marked "FREE". Heaven! I walked away with at least ten.

Laina said...

Thats an awesome find! i was just reading your blog about all your books! i love them, all the different colored bindings. I scored a buggie full of old readers digest for $1.50 a few months ago and there were SOOO many. The farm picture was from a garage sale its $2. The frame is what caught my eye and then i saw the picture and fell in LOVE!

A-town said...

I just love you

The Crafty Gals said...

Those bulbs look so cute hanging from ribbon in the window! Such a great idea.

Jennifer @ Muse Lodge said...

I really want that lantern....$2?? That's insane!

Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...

You are a thrifting goddess! Thanks for linking up and making ME jealous!!

love your guts!


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