Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Looking Back

I can't believe it's almost 2011! This year has flown by for sure. Here are some of my favorite moments of 2010.  A year in review if you will :)

We added our first addition to our family. This picture was taken outside of the Humane Society where we got him.
He was born the same month that we got married June 2009. So that's pretty cool.
We bought our first home!
Right after we signed the papers.
We prayed so much for this place!
It's our dream home.
The Hubs did a sprint triathalon. He signed up a week before the race..
So Proud!
Brother got married to an incredible lady. We love them!
The rehearsal dinner with sister and brother. We love them too!
Family Vacation 2010. We went to the lake, played on the boat, relaxed and played a lot of cards! The PERFECT vacation!
Yard Sale 2010! i LOVE getting rid of stuff.
I forgot to show y'all this picture. There are two of these trees in our front yard. Aren't they beautiful?! I love your first year in a house cause you get to see what it looks like in each season! 
I ran my first race. A 5K for Human Trafficking. My sweet husband stayed with me the whole way. Even after granny and a man with two kids attached to him passed us...
We had an awesome Christmas party with old friends!
And the Hubs and i had an awesome first Christmas in our home!
Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

2010/2011 Resolutions

My first post on my blog was on Jan 10, 2010. I posted about my New Year resolutions so I wanted to look back and see how i did.
Here is my list...

this year i will....

-be more consistent with my time with the Lord, prayer and journaling-Check
-not drink soda-Check
-memorize more scripture-half check?? i tried, but obviously not hard enough :)

-run a race, i don't care if i'm in last place i just wanna complete it :)-Check, and completed!
-save-How bout pay off my student loans? I'm getting close!!
-finish all the books i started reading this year...Definitly NOT! (Maybe next year)
-take my husband on a surprise trip-Nada
-plan a trip- Check! We are going to Colorado and Montana this year! Can't. Even. Wait.
-purge- Check! We had a yard sale once we moved into the house and got rid of lots of goodies :)
-sew more-Check I sewed (with the help of my mother in law) aprons for and curtains for my niece's play kitchens. But i still would like to sew more :)
-do p90x!!-Does 2 weeks count??

Here are my resolutions for 2011
-Pay off student loans
-Finish Interior Design School
-Workout, since we now have a climbing gym membership i have NO excuse...
-Memorize bible verses. i'm gonna make a list so there is more of a goal :)
-Get a new camera and learn how to use it so i can take awesome pics for my blog!

To begin your new year Elle from SWITCHEROOm has offered Recycled Interiors readers a free printable 2011 Calendar to start off the New Year! 
Check it out it's adorable!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thrifting 12.30.10

As you scroll through the pictures you will notice i found somethings that are not my usual (home decor) purchases from the thrift store. But i have been looking at a lot of fashion blogs here are a few of my favorites. And have been inspired to vamp up my wardrobe, and you know i'll do it for ChEaP! 
So here ya go...
Tan open toe heels $5
Belts $2 each
Black tie up boots $5
(these are from plato's closet, not sure if that's considered a thrift store?)
So what do you think? Have you found any cute clothes/accessories at the thrift store lately??

Better After

Hey guys, today i'm being featured at Better After. Go on over and check it out!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Color Dilema

Hey guys, i hope you had a wonderful Christmas! As i was sitting in the Christmas Eve Service i realized i left my camera at home! So sad. I will hopefully get some pics from the family so i'll share that with you later. 

I need your advice, again... You remember my Craft Room?
I am SOOO tired of the purple.
So i went to my color swatches :)
And i found this. Macchiato by Behr
This pillow is my inspiration for the room. I thought the Macchiato matched the brown in the pillow.
But i am OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS!  i would really like a neutral color though.
What do you think?
While your at it, remember this desk?
Well i am planning on painting it too, but not sure what color. If i paint the walls neutral then maybe i could go a little bold.
Here's the thing, i have 4 pieces of furniture waiting to be painted...
This desk (above)
This vanity. Which i'll either keep as a desk in our guest room or sell it... If i keep it, it will go in the guest room which is green with red and grey accents. 
I also want to paint this sewing table. (sorry this pics a little blurry)
I put our old coffee table back in the family room because the size is perfect for eating dinner and playing games, ya know normal after work stuff. But i don't like the blue because i painted this table blue and that's just too much blue for one room:)
So there ya have it, tell me what YOU would do, my whole dilema is that my whole house is a neutral cedar, which i love, but it's hard to find a neutral to go with it, i would like a light cream/tan? but i'd rather use a color that someone else has used and loves because i'm tired of repainting! 
I wouldn't mind painting the coffee table and sewing table the same color, maybe a dark grey? but again i'd like a recommendation instead of picking out a color on my own.
Now that i typed all this out i am really liking the grey idea, because it would go in the family room and i can paint the vanity grey to match the sheets in our guest room.

So what do you think? Is there a grey you've used and love? Do you like the Macchiato color i picked or do you know of another neutral that would look good in that room?

Guess what this Saturday is......
Goodwill half off day, and you know who will be there!! You should go too :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas to You!

Since the Hubs and i are going to be with family for Christmas we decided to do our family Christmas last weekend. It was so much fun! We listened to Christmas music, made a fabulous dinner, prayed for eachother and the up coming year, and exchanged gifts and played games.
Here are some pics of how it all went down!
This is what i came home to.
Buddy loved his bone 
I bought myself some clothes for my christmas gift so he kindly wrapped them up for me :)
And i got him a chalk pot to match his climbing pad. So it's a cute little matching set now :)
Yes that's a cricut, I can't wait to get to use it. It will make my scrapbooking/crafts so much easier!

I hope you all have a very Blessed Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

JBF Preview

Just in case you didn't catch my abbreviation JBF means January Blog Feature :)
I would like to introduce you to Mina at Bohemian Vintage.
She will be our Blog Feature for January so check out her site and let me know any questions you'd like me to ask her!

Have a super duper day and a Merry Christmas!

Wreath all about it

I love wreaths, they are a cheap way to decorate for the holidays and can be used again next year! You know how i love recycling :)
This year i made a few wreaths. I bought the ones from Hobby Lobby for the outside of our house. The Burlap is only .69 cents a yard at Walmart and .99 cents a yard at Hobby Lobby, but at HL you can use thier 40% off coupon to get it even cheaper. And the wreaths were $4 each. I got four wreaths and ribbon for about $20. But i can use them every year!
My Parents gave me this live wreath, that i hung on our laundry room door, right in the kitchen so we can see/smell it all the time.
I also made this one for our bedroom door. I got this wreath from HL for $2.50 and the berries on the stick were .50 cents and i only used about 3. I just broke them apart and stuck them in the wreath so if i get bored with it can just take them out and change it up. This wreath only cost me about $4.
I also made this one out of book pages, it's not quite finished yet, but you get the point :) I used a book i already had and the wreath is one like the picture above but i got it at the thrift store for $1.50.


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