Tuesday, November 30, 2010

White Waxflower/Frame makeover

I found a new favorite blog and wanted to share it with you. Mary Grace over at White Waxflower is such an inspiration to me. I love how she just throws stuff together and makes it look so interesting.
She has some really cool tutorials.
I love her anthropologie inspired bedroom! I WILL be doing something like this in my room!

 She dresses super cute!

And she makes really cute videos with her dog Jemima.
How has she inspired me?
I  made this frame.

I found the frame on black friday for $2.48 at the thrift store. I spray painted it Caramel Latte by Krylon. When i was taking the glass out i broke it so i wrapped the picture that was in the frame in burlap, and taped some random things i had laying around the house to it. The map was the front of a journal i had, and the green heart is and earring that my friend Ashley gave me, but i lost the other one :(
I also jazzed up my shelf in the bathroom. 
here is the before
And after
I shopped my house to get the "thrown together" look.
From left to right.
Basket Walmart $2
Books $1.50 (I bought a buggie full of those books for $1.50 i have used them all over the house!)
Candle holder thrift store $1.50
candle on top of white candle holder $1 walmart, wrapped in hemp
White Candle with black lid-From great friends in Colorado
Jar free from my friend Allison, she got them out of a guys trash :)
Painting by my sister, she is awesome
Lantern-Pottery barn sale $12.50 (I had a giftcard)
Brown beaded candle holder inside PT lantern-Homegoods, came in a pack of three i got them  half off after Christmas last year for $3

So if you haven't already go check out her blog

Monday, November 29, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lamp Before and After

This post is LONG overdue. Remember months ago when i found this lamp at the thrift store for $5? Well i gave it a little love with some spray paint and a new lamp shade from Ross for $8. So total i spent on the project was $13!
Here is the before.
And After!

The brass was so easy to paint i jsut scrubbed it down with a brillo pad but the white part. NOT.SO.EASY! I think i scraped the the grey paint off 3 or 4 times before i got it right. It kept bubbling and peeling... so Frustrating. It's still not perfect, but that's ok it's good enough :)
But i'm thinking the shade is too small??  Check out the
 before and after one more time and look at the shades. Do you think the one i bought, in the after pic, is too small? The original shade looks good from far away aka in the picture but up close- not so perdy...
Please let me know your opinion! Too small or just right??

CSN Giveaway Winner

Thank you to all who participated in the CSN Giveaway! The winner was picked through Random.org 
And the winner is...

Sally said... she wanted to get the LLe Creuset 9-Quart Round French Oven in Cherry; KitchenAid Classic Series Stand Mixer in White; Emerilware Cast Iron 12" Skillet.

Sally check your email for the promotion code and details.

True Random Number
Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Thanks again to the people at CSN for hosting the giveaway!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Advent Calendar

Remember in my Christmas Inspiration post I shared with you this advent calendar i loved.

well i tried to make one myself here is how it turned out.
Starting December 1st we will put the ornaments on the little black tree that is sitting on the table!

Here's how i did it, it was super easy and cheap! 
You will need:
Bulletin Board
Linen fabric
white scrapbook paper
25 ornaments
25 stick pins 

I used the bulletin board i had in my craft room as my inspiration board.
But if you don't have a bulletin board already all you have to do is lay the fabric on the ground (the side you want showing to the floor) lay the board on top of it and pull the fabric tight and staple it on the back.

Then cut out 25 tags and numbers, I printed mine on the computer but you can hand write yours if you have pretty handwritting. Then i attached the tag and the number to the board with stick pins. Ya know the ones you use for sewing.
Then just hang your ornaments on the stick pins. This was the hardest part for me. We only had a few from Christmas last year so i have found quite a few from  for $1 at Walmart and Target.

Bulletin Board=already had (I found it at the thrift store for $1.50)
Linen fabric-already had (Hobby Lobby 1/2 yard=$3 don't forget your 40% coupon)
white scrapbook paper = Already had, got out of a scrapbook i bought a while back, you could use printer paper too.
Numbers=Print off the computer
25 ornaments=i have spent $6 so far and i still need 6 more
25 stick pins=already had from sewing crafts

I spent $6

If you needed all the supplies (except the ornaments) it would cost you less than $10.

Tonight is your last chance to enter my CSN giveaway! Right now your chances to win are REALLY GOOD only 9 people have entered :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shutterfly = Amazing Christmas Cards!

So i want to share with you some amazing gifts you can get printed at Shutterfly. I have made a few photobooks on their website. It's so easy, so when i get really behind on my scrapbooking i make a photobook to get caught up. I've made one for our honeymoon, our trip out to Colorado and i'm working on one for our road trip to Utah. They are awesome!
They also have these cute playing cards you can make out of your favorite picture.  
You can also get canvas' printed of a picture YOU took instead of buying a picture of something that doesn't mean as much.
Or maybe a cool wall decal for you kids room?
They also have super cute Christmas gifts like, personalized calendars, coffee hot chocolate mugs, and notepads.
And of course they have AWESOME Christmas Cards! Here are a LOT of my favorites.

They have a great deals on Christmas cards starting as low as .32 cent, and they are having a sale right now and they are 30% off! So go on over to Shutterfly.com and check out all their cool stuff!!

Don't forget to enter the CSN giveaway ending Monday November 22!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hobby Lobby Bargains!

A lot has been going on at the Gambrell Cabin.  We decorated for Christmas. I have many posts to do on Christmas decorating, like a pottery barn inspired advent calendar, wreath, easy ornaments, and some cheap was to decorate your home. 
This is how buddy helps us decorate :)
While i was out running errands today i came across some bargains at Hobby Lobby. 
I have been looking for some trees like this...

or this one

At first i thought about buying foam cones and wrapping hemp around them but the cones were a little pricey so i kept looking. 

Then i found these at Hobby Lobby.
And guess how much they were... $3.50 each!! They are usually $7 but there half off this week. SCORE!
I also scored these babies...
A wreath-$2.50
Scrapbook adhesive (for our Christmas Cards)-$3.00

I will be back soon with some Christmas ideas!

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CSN Giveaway

Today is the big day... the CSN Giveaway is open now through Monday
Here are the dets...(that's details for short)

Prize-$20 giftcard to CSN stores
To Enter- post a comment telling me what you are eyeing on the CSN sites :)

 Cookware.comAll ModernLuxe by CSN

Giveaway closes- Monday November 23, 2010 at 12:00AM (est time)
You know if i could i would give you ALL a gift card i would, but there will only be one winner that will be determined through random.org. 
I will Announce the winner Tuesday November 24, 2010

*As a bonus if you like what you see on the blog become a follower, and if you love what you see vote for me ;)  All you have to do is click on the picture below.

Thanks for being so supportive check back on Tuesday to find out the winner!


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