Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another post about frames... Really?!?

Hey guys so i was moving stuff around in my house, as usual :) and when i came across this frame i almost put it in the yard/craft show pile. But then i decided to spruce it up a bit.
So I followed MG's adorable video tutorial on "how to make an embroidered tag"
I decided to do Psalm 46:10. I Love this verse and thought it was perfect for the frame.
And made some fabric flowers that i learned how to make from Cherry Street Cottage. You should check out her blog she has some great ideas!
Here is the finished project!

I think i'm still going to sell it but now it's prettier!

Now I'm off to relax with my favorite magazine,
Have a wonderful Thursday night! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I love frames :)

It has been a while since i've done a thrifting post. So here it is! A few weeks ago i found this frame at the thrift store for $4.88. I usually wouldn't pay that much for a frame but this one was pretty big and i loved it just the way it was.
I LOVE the natural wood look. 
I liked the cross stitch in it but i needed a memo board so i used my handy dandy staple gun to staple some linen fabric and chicken wire to the back of it.

It holds all of our upcoming wedding and shower invitations perfectly!

I'm so excited to share with y'all our blog feature for this month! Stay tuned, i'll post that tomorrow :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

New Camera Strap!

I'm about to go to bed but i have been up playing with my sewing machine and i wanted to show you what i made. Ever since i got my new camera i have been wanting to make a camera strap and tonight was the night. 

sorry for the awkward pictures...

I'm thinking about making some and selling them at the craft show. What do you think?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hutch update

Hey guys, so remember i bought this hutch a while back, seems like forever ago! Here is another update on the progress I have added pulls out of a spool of rope i got at Hobby Lobby for $1. That's right i made 6 knobs with $1 worth of rope! 
This is the rope i used, $1.99 with half off.
I moved the knobs i had on the bottom up to the top 

and replaced them with these wine corks for, that i had laying around.

I used three different knobs for the top, they are from Hobby Lobby. 

 Here is what i still have to do to finish it.
1. I need wood for the bottom shelf.
2. I also need thin plywood sheets for the back of the hutch and the bottom shelf, I'm thinking about doing the lace on the back of the hutch too.... (3.) and i need to fix the top drawer somehow. There is no actual drawer it's just the front of the drawer, we tried putting hinges on it but you could see them on the outside and they were ugly.... so i'll keep you updated on what we do with that.  And (4.) the middle door does not have glass so i'm thinking about putting chicken wire in it instead. 

Here is the before and after so far...

It doesn't look much different but i sanded and stained the whole thing and did the lace on the drawers, remember my inspiration pic...
I love hearing your suggestions so if you have any ideas let me know!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Heart Seltzer Bottles!

So when i got home from work a few weeks ago i found this beauty on my front doorstep. 
I. couldn't. believe. it!
I have been wanting one of these seltzer bottles FOREVER! I mentioned that here :)
And a sweet friend took note and sent me this beautiful blue one!
It goes perfectly with the blue in my bathroom.

Thank you so much Cathy! i love it!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Monday....

Along with my room makeover and spring planting, I did a few other things around the house this weekend. I added some frames to our hallway.

While sweeping the downstairs, i rearranged the living room. here are some pics...
There is an project in the making in the picture below, I will share with you when i finish :)
it may be hard to see but i moved the ladder and bench (from under the window) behind the couch and caddy cornered the couch. 
I worked on some stuff for a craft show i'm doing with Joon in April.
and I made some delicious Pineapple Upside Down Coffee Cake... from scratch! 
I used a recipe from this months Better Homes and Gardens.
It was so delicious and easy to make.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Fever

This weekend i started some spring planting. i should have been been spring cleaning but flowers are much more fun. I found some pots to put plants in around the house and headed to Home Depot to find some plants to fill them.

This is how my hanging baskets turned out.
My Mom gave me those cute little red flowers (4 total) I put 2 vines on each side which were $2 each ($4 total) and the purple plant in the middle was $3.50. Sorry i'm not good with names i just pick out what i think is pretty :) 
So the total for each hanging basket was $7.50 x 2=$15
Not to bad!

I got these pots in the clearance section at Lowes a few months back for $1 each. I bought three plants at a little less than $2 each and split them up between all three pots. 
Pots $3 + Plants $6 = $9 Total

I also picked up some herbs for the kitchen. I planted Parsley, Oregano and Cilantro. Each herb was $3.50 and i already had the pot so i paid $10.50 for all the herbs.
I was planning on keeping them in my kitchen and taking them out to get a little sun each day, but if anyone has any tips for growing herbs please let me know!

I got this tea cup a while back at the thrift store for .25 cents. and the plant inside was only $2.
Isn't it perfect for spring!
O and that little bird is new, i got him at Michaels on clearance for $3.50. 
Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather!


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