Friday, December 3, 2010

A woman's craft room is never it?

Hey guys, i am working on fixing up my craft room, i can never seem to get it just right... while i was working i found a few projects i need to do but i'm not sure what to do with them.
the first are two frames i got for $1 each. I had thought about making them into tv trays but they don't have glass so they wouldn't be easy to clean up. I also thought about painting the frames white or Caramel Latte the same color i painted this frame, and making a chalk board out of the inside. But i wanted to do something different. i'm not sure where i'm going to use them yet maybe over the night stands in the master b-room? What would you do with the frames?
I also have these shutters that came off my grandparents house. i was thinking of painting them or leaving them wood, also don't know where i will put these? i saw this cool idea of a wall of shutters. I have also been wanting to do something above our couch in the living room so maybe i'll pair the shutters with some pictures and shelves?? So many options!
This is what i have been up to in my craft room.. Can you tell the difference?

Yeah i painted the filing cabinet, man that thing is heavy but i think it looks so much better now! It's also Caramel Latte, can you tell i'm LOVING that color! 

Please help me with the projects i'm in need of some inspiration!


A-town said...

Leave those frames just the way they are with the pics. They's beautiful. Jk they're awful. Paint them white shabby sheek and make them a tray for your make-up

The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

Personallllllly I'm obsessed with chalk boards lately. Lol. U should put a coat of the magnetic paint first then chalk/caramel latte paint and make it a magnetic memo board/chalk board!

Laina said...

Leave it the way it is :) Allison you are funny. Thanks for the ideas. I have been meaning to buy magnetic paint for another project so that might be perfect!

A-town said...

they make magnetic paint? will my ear rings stick to the can? I am just imagining someone walking down the halls of Home Depot with things flying at the can.

Laina said...

haha well once you spray the paint it is magnetic :)


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