Wednesday, December 22, 2010

JBF Preview

Just in case you didn't catch my abbreviation JBF means January Blog Feature :)
I would like to introduce you to Mina at Bohemian Vintage.
She will be our Blog Feature for January so check out her site and let me know any questions you'd like me to ask her!

Have a super duper day and a Merry Christmas!


The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

1.) is she persian? haha, mina is a persian name!

2.) ummm what's that i read, she has a J.D.??? and is decorating? I don't quite get what she does, but i'm jealous! is she a full time blogger and just put her degree aside? JEALOUS...

3.) love it all. good job with the featured blogs!

The Burfitt's said...

look at you featuring blogs... aren't you big time ;) hope you have a VERY merry christmas friend.

marygrace said...

I love Mina!

As someone who hopes to someday own a store full of fun vintage things, I'd love to hear what advice she has for aspiring business-owners!


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