Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wreath all about it

I love wreaths, they are a cheap way to decorate for the holidays and can be used again next year! You know how i love recycling :)
This year i made a few wreaths. I bought the ones from Hobby Lobby for the outside of our house. The Burlap is only .69 cents a yard at Walmart and .99 cents a yard at Hobby Lobby, but at HL you can use thier 40% off coupon to get it even cheaper. And the wreaths were $4 each. I got four wreaths and ribbon for about $20. But i can use them every year!
My Parents gave me this live wreath, that i hung on our laundry room door, right in the kitchen so we can see/smell it all the time.
I also made this one for our bedroom door. I got this wreath from HL for $2.50 and the berries on the stick were .50 cents and i only used about 3. I just broke them apart and stuck them in the wreath so if i get bored with it can just take them out and change it up. This wreath only cost me about $4.
I also made this one out of book pages, it's not quite finished yet, but you get the point :) I used a book i already had and the wreath is one like the picture above but i got it at the thrift store for $1.50.


A-town said...

the newspaper one is my favorite!

L.Caroline said...

I have wreath envy! Alaina, these all look great! I am thinking about using burlap for tables at my wedding- glad to know it's cheap!


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