Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thrifting 12.4.10 Best day EVER!

So i walk in to Goodwill today and it was a MAD HOUSE. I was looking through everything and started piling things in my arms when a sweet lady offered to hold my stuff in her buggie while i got my own buggie. She was so kind, and she didn't even steal my stuff :) then another lady asked me if everything was 50% off and is said "No i think just the Christmas stuff is 50% off." Then we had a nice little conversation about how if everything was 50% off we would buy a lot  more, so she asked a lady working there and came back and informed me that everything WAS half off! At EVERY Goodwill. So my long day of hitting up the Goodwills began...
It was a GREAT day! Here's what i found...
I got this vanity for $10. I'm gonna fix it up and i'm thinking about selling it :) 
And the middle pops up and there's a mirror and little place to put stuff.
And check out the cool drawer liners.
I also got these babies!

Let me break it down for you.
Books $1 each=$7

Stocking .30 cents 50%= .15 cents!!
I love it, i'm thinking about making it into a pillow.
Large gold candlestick=$3
two white and green matching candle sticks  $1
White candle stick=.50 cents
Short Gold Candle stick =$1
Wood candle stick $2 -$1
Christmas Beads $1.50
Singer Sewing book $1
Lemon jar .75 cents
And see beautiful prop for all these pictures.... That was my best find.. take a look.
And look what came inside.
Isn't she pretty?
It's a New Home sewing machine. Does anyone know anything about these? I heard that in the past Sears worked on them. I don't even know if it's worth getting it fixed. 
It was regularly $15 but it was marked down 70% off!! Even if i only use the table it will be worth that much!
My total for the day $32 bucks! 
Today was a good day :)


The Crafty Gals said...

That's a day & money very well spent!! Love that vanity!

Lee Ann Barton said...

okay...apparently I needed to go with you. WOW!!! Love your finds. Especially the vanity and the sewing table.
If you fix up to sell the vanity, let me know. I am still looking for one. Or if you find another treasure like that one maybe you could scoop it up for me. :)

Laina said...

LeeAnn I will let you know if i end up selling it AND i'll keep my eye out for another one. You should check your goodwills too cause all of them might do half off (first sat of the month)! It's such a good deal!

A-town said...

LeeAnn, I'll arm wrestle you for the vanity.

AG, the sewing machine is cool but it would prob cost a fortune to fix.

Laina said...

Yeah i probably won't get it fixed, i really just bought it for the table, the sewing machine was just a sweet bonus!!

Moe said...

I am swimming in the jealous sea right now! I am so sad that I only have one little junk shop to go to.

I love that sewing table! My mother is keeping my great grandmothers sewing table with a foot lever for me when I get a place of my own. that is such a flipping great deal!


Chrissi said...

way to goooo!! and ps, go check out the ol' blog of mine. you maaaay be awarded something. just sayin ;)

LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

Great finds! I posted my recent finds today too. I love thrift stores!

That sewing table was the best find ever! What a great price. I am green with envy :)

Enjoy your weekend!

Terry said...

You said it right...SCORE! Terry said...

I just saw your "lemon jar" in this post. I've got one and use it all the time. I didn't get mine from thrifting....I bought it years ago when it really held lemon juice :) It is so handy if I'm packing things to go to the farm and don't need a whole gallon of milk, I'll fill it and take it instead. If there's a little hot cider left over after a's the perfect container for that also. It's just the right size and I like it because it's glass. I'm trying to use more glass instead of the plastic.


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