Thursday, October 14, 2010

Antiquing we will go!

A few weeks ago, well maybe a few months ago. My mom, sis and i went to an antique shop called Olivia Morgan. We didn't walk out with anything but they had some really cool stuff. Thought i'd bring you along with me and show you what i WISH i could have brought home :)
I have been wanting one of these soap dispensers for a while but at the $50 price tag there was no way i could get it.
I also love this record player! I have my dad's old one but i love the look of this one. They have a similar one at target that plays records, cd's and has a radio.
Thought this shelf was pretty cute it was around $40.
And you KNOW i love me some pyrex dishes! These were $20 a piece!!
These old doors were super cute! I am looking for some to lean up against the wall behind our couch.
This bright colored corner piece would have been perfect in a kitchen to store dishes!
I loved the rustic look of this shelf. I think it was $50
I usually don't go for ornate pieces but this bench was beautiful! I tried to get my mom to get it for her foyer! It was $300 but i think it was 40% off.
Love this rustic bench too!
And some cute outdoor funiture.
This was a cute idea, they took an old shutter and made a cabinet out of it.
This HUGE window would have been awesome as a headboard!
Allison this is for you, cause i know how much you LOVE owls. Hootie Hoo!

That was my lovely trip to the Antique store. They had soo many cute things but not at my cheapo price :) I do love going to get ideas, like that cabinet made out of shutters. Maybe that will be my next project!

4 comments: said...

Wish I could've gone there. I love all that stuff.

You should know... said...

I want that lamp! Hey we're remodeling and have an old door. I'm trying to talk my dad into it. It's medal but has 12 panes of glass. You may not even want it but I'll send a pic.

Cathy @ The Far Fifty said...

That owl light is a hoot! Love it!


(Homer Simpson like) Drool....


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