Monday, October 4, 2010

Mums the word...

This weekend i broke out the fall decor. I decided to skip halloween and just decorate for fall, because it would save us money and as much money as i can save for christmas decorations the better :)
I started with the outside, I bought some mums for our front porch and after comparing prices i found a pretty good deal.
The first place i checked was Bi-Lo they had 8'' mums for 4.50 each.
Home Depot had smaller mums i think they were 6'' for 2.50 each, and 8'' mums for almost $7
Walmart had 8'' mum for $3.33!!! Best price so far!!

So here is what i left with.
3-8'' mums from Walmart for a little under $10.50
2-6'' mums from Home Depot for $5.50

Here are my 6'' mums in my hanging baskets
And the 8'' mums i planted in pots.

The pots i got from Hobby Lobby of course :) The pot was $2.99 + 50% off so they came out to $1.50, plus the hubs discount took off the tax! Total $4.50
The trays were $1.27 also 50% off so they came to about .65 cents! That's a total of $1.95
Total for the pots were $6.50
I also grabbed some potting soil from Home Depot for $2 i bougth Scotts topsoil.

So my total for outside fall mums was $24.50! Not to shabby considering you can plant the mums in the ground at the end of the season and they will grow again next year!


The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

whoa whoa whoa. hold up... 1.) I just bought mums 2 weeks ago, and they're DYING!!! whaaaaa?? and 2.) i bought them for $8 at Home Depot!!! ugh! 3.) was I supposed to take them out of the planter they were in?? i'm so not garden savvy :(
4.) WHAT DO YOU MEAN hubby's discount? i'm so jealous you get a discount HL is my weakness and favorite store!

Laina said...

Girl, i'm no gardener either my friend has a bunch of mums and told me how to take care of them. i took mine out of the pots and repotted them and bought the tray to put under them because when i water them i fill the water up to the top of the tray, especially the ones that are in a lot of light and they just soak up the water throughout the day. and i haven't been watering them if their soil is damp because it's been pretty cold up here. And rob works at hobby lobby so i get an extra 15% off, which is awesome since everything is usually 50% off!

Drew and Stacy Holley said...

hey just an fyi, i bought cheap top soil when planting potted plants too, and i found that buying actually potting soil is better for the plants...i killed all mine the other way. or maybe its just cuz i suck at keeping plants alive :) but one big bag will last you a long time, so it's worth the cash!

Laina said...

i did the same thing!! i bought a cheap brand this spring and all my plants died! but this scotts soil that i got was really good, dark and moist which is what you want. And it was only $2. SCORE

The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

got it, thanks guys-- someone told me i can return my plant lol, if i'm not too embarrassed i might (which i probably should considering it looks bald- the entire middle is dead)...and when/if i return it for a new one i will grab the scotts soil!


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