Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Not so free project #3

So this project isn't exactly FREE but it's close!! i splurged a little on the knobs cause everything else was free and the knobs match SO WELL!
Remember free project #1? Well i made this coat rack for our stairway out of that same pallet. My sweet hubs sawed, by hand may i add, half the pallet off, and the top off the pallet off. Then he cut the boards on the top and bottom to fit and hammered them on. Then he drilled the holes for my class blue and green knobs.
Here it is without the coats.
Remember the glass insulator i got at the garage sale for $2, i added it to my green and blue decor.
And all those bottles you see are from my friend Allison who spotted them in a guys trash! He had crates of old bottles that he was throwing away. So she scooped them up asked him if she could have them. He said "Sure! and i have more in my garage if you'd like those too!" You know she jumped at that opportunity then she kindly shared with me :)

and here it is in full use!
The glass knobs were $5 each. I know i usually would NEVER pay that much, especially without a coupon, but that is all i had to spend and they went so perfectly with the blue in the wood.
So the total for this project was $15!


beans said...

Cute cute cute!!! you are so amazing at this!

Laina said...

Thanks girl! When are we going to hangout? We miss y'all!!


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