Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy as a bug in a rug...minus the bug

Since we moved in to our little cabin we have been wanting a rug to complete our living room, and provide a soft place for robby to lay down and watch t.v. There were a few things we were looking for in a rug. Not necessarily in this order.
1. comfort
2. cheap
3. large (to fill our awkward living room setup)
4. Either a stripes or solid pattern since our curtains and pillows were pretty bold. 

So Sunday night we brought home this pretty little thing from Target.
It was comfortable and cheap but it was too small (5x8) and didn't match the rest of the room. Yes i had to get it in our living room to actually figure that last part out :)

So Monday i returned the Target rug and continued my search at World MarketI also had a $10 off coupon. SCORE! you know i LoVe the coupons! So when i found this little guy i knew right away it would be perfect, the only problem was it wasn't very comfortable But when it came down to this jute rug or a more comfortable one for $150 more beans, the hubs said he would forgo comfort for a better price. 
This one was large 6x9, which fit perfectly, it was striped, and only $150, down from $200!
Buddy likes it too he enjoys sitting on it and starring at his toy fire hydrant. 
We love the green, blue and brown stripes, and i figured if we ever decided we wanted/could afford a more comfortable rug this rug matches our master bedroom perfectly. 


Mom said...

Alaina, love the rug and your way with words!!!
And YOU and Robby of course!!!

Laina said...

Thanks Momma, We love you too!


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