Thursday, September 9, 2010

Free Project #2

Last night i added a new tab labeled "Project Preview" where i'll post a pic of my next post or project. Check. check. check. check it out! This was the pic i had up last night.

Here is Free Project #2
I wanted to corral all my jars that i collected at the EYS in one spot. And what better place than a shelf over our front door, don't worry we tested the shelf and made sure the jars wouldn't fall off by slamming the door numerous times. 
And we found the perfect wood at this wonderful lot by our house!

Here is a before picture


My amazing husband doin his thang....
and again...

There you go no biggie just a shelf but now i have lots more space around the cabin to fill will pretty things :)


Drew and Stacy Holley said...

i need a saw!!!

Laina said...

yeah you do girl! Get you one they are only like 10 bucks!

MommaMindy said...

I love jars. I love wood. I think you are actually living in my dream house. :) Great way to accent your door!


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