Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Mantal Take 3

Since i started decorating for fall i have changed my mantle 3 times. This is a regular for me, just ask my husband. I am changing things in our house almost everyday. I get new ideas. I want to put them in motion! So here are my three mantle designs. For all of these mantles i took things from around my house to save some moolah.

Take 1, right side of the mantle
and the left side
Take 2, the right side
and the left side

Take 3 the right side
and the left side
I'm loving the last set up, so i'll probably stick with it. O and see leaf banner on the window. i'll be back with a tutorial so you can make your own for free!


Keltner said...

you're cute, so how do i do the chalk jars again?ha

Laina said...

:) Buy some chalkboard paint. Tape off what you want to be chalkboard. and paint away. Then call me so we can catch up on life. Love you!

Mrs.B said...

LOVE the Reader's Digest books!

Laina said...

That is actually a funny story. I was at the thrift store one day and when i walked in they had a cart full of Reader's Digests for $1.50. I thought for a while, do i really need these books? what on earth will i do with them. Well i ended up buying all of them. there were probably close to 60. I have used them all over the house for things like that and my friend and i used a bunch of them and painted the bindings. So worth the $1.50


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