Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Free Crates=New Jewelry Holder

I am posting twice in one night cause i am so excited about a new project! Remember a few weeks ago when i posted about the free crates i got from someones "trash"... well i finally decided what i was going to do with them.
My jewelry is stored in too many different places around our room/closet. I had my earrings on a frame in the closet, my necklaces on a hook in the closet, my bracelets in a jewelry box on my vanity and my rings in bowl on my vanity.... i HATE having things spread out like that. i like everything in ONE place. So i decided to make a jewelry holder out of the old crates i found.
Here are the before pics.
and after

This side holds all my earrings bracelets and watches.
And this one holds all my necklaces, and in that cute little mug, that my sister made by the way, i will post on that later, i have all my rings.
Here are all my stud earrings. My friend Linds showed me how to put them on buttons to keep them all together.
There you go my new jewelry holder! It was so easy to make and free, since i had the chicken wire and hooks from my previous jewelry holder!

Here is how we did it.
1. The Hubs drilled a few pilot holes for me to hang the hooks for the jewelry.
2. i screwed the hooks in.
3. I cut chicken wire to fit inside the shelf to hang the earrings.
4 . since we have cedar walls there are studs everywhere which makes it super easy to hang heavy things. 

All you need for this project.
Chicken wire


You should know... said...

I love it! I have chicken wire left over from my halloween costume that I can't wait to use.

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Sweet! I love the name and mission of your blog, btw. :)

Courtney Elizabeth said...

Wow! These are awesome!

cushycottage said...

nice idea! i hate having my jewelry placed all over the room/closet. i have a nice place to store them on my dresser :)

Uhleah said...

What a great idea!! I have a couple of crates but they just store DVDs, nothing as cute as this! Thanks for sharing :)


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