Friday, October 15, 2010

Leaf Banner Tutorial

Hey guys i'm back with some more free decorations! This is the window before.
Sorry this pic is so blurry.
I got these leaves when hubs and i went hikng a few weeks ago. i stuck them in a book to flatten them out. 
We went hiking up lookout point and had a beautiful view of Chatty!            
I measured how long i wanted my banner to be. Then i laid my leaves out and put the ribbon on top of them. You could also use, hemp, string, or yarn.
I duct taped the leaves to the ribbon.
To attach it to the window i just rolled the duct tape to make it sticky on both sides.
There you go a free, recycled, fall banner!

I also used the white pillar i got at the thrift store last week on the mantle, holding the fabric pumpkin.


Sally said...

I love your blog! been reading it for quite some time now and have used many of your ideas (with a slight alteration of "things" trying to use what I have at my house). You've sent me to Hobby Lobby more times in the last month than I've ever been in my life :). I love your style, method and finished products! Hope to see you soon
Sally Stanfill

Project Shannon said...

Hey - I found your blog through Jen's - I love the dried leaf banner. That's a really great idea. I need a few easy {read: inexpensive} fall decor ideas, so this is great.

I'm hosting a giveaway with CSN today over at my blog, so feel free to swing by and check it out! Project Shannon's giveaway

Happy Friday!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Hi, I came here from Sunny's.
What a super idea...I never thought of drying fall foliage this way, and I have some very pretty leaves just beginning to fall down from my liquid amber tree. I will definately be using this idea for Thanksgiving. Thanks!

Laina said...

Sally you are too sweet!! thank you so much, i'd love to see the projects you've done! Also, you and taylor have got to come visit before your life gets super crazy :) We are so excited for y'all!!!
Hey Shannon i love your blog and the giveaway is awesome! hope i win :)
La Vie Quotidienne thanks for checking out my blog. Drying leaves is super easy all i did was lay the leaves in a book and put a heavy pot on it and let it set for a few days and they came out perfect. Good luck with yours!

lisbonlioness said...

The dried leaf garland is ace. No need to cut anything, just pure nature. It doesn't get better than this!
Thanks, Sunny, for sending me over!

thatgirlblogs said...

decorating for thanksgiving can be a struggle but I just love this idea! I am doing this on my windows and mantle. thanks!


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