Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thrifting 8.19.10

This is from a few weeks ago but it has taken me a while to get it up.
Here is what i found. The jar on the left was .25cents the two glasses in the middle i thought were super cute. They were only .69 and .99 so i'm going to try to find about 6 of them, since the only glasses we have, have yellow polkda dots on them, these will be great for Christmas and thanksgiving and valentines day, all those holidays that don't have yellow in them.

I can't remember where is saw this, but there was cute idea to stack cups and cute plates on top of eachother, and glue them together,  for snacks or cupcakes at parties, so i figured i would just gradually get peices to make it.. well call it a "cup and plate tiered snack holder" So the cup on the right is my first piece it was .25 cents.

In our guest room i'm working on a "family wall"  with pictures of our families and i thought these plates would be perfect on the wall.

This one was .25 cents.

and this one was $1.48

I love the detail around the edge.

My total for today is a little less than $4.

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