Thursday, September 22, 2011


I am in LOVE with pintrest. Hopefully you have all been acquainted with this fabulous website, if not send me and email and I'll send you and invite. 
i have made a couple things from the website but not as much as i'd like.

Here's what i've made so far...

These are projects i've started and not finished...

Here are projects i plan to do in the NEAR future :)

 I want to do a faux taxidermy for the nursery out of a black bear! (as seen on the right in the pic below)

This is what i hope our lil guy looks like...

I want this blanket SOOOOOOO bad!! If was a good seamstress i'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to make...

Here are some funny's for ya

and some truth...

So i've only done a handful of projects on pintrest  but i've pinned over a thousand! looks like i need to start doing instead of pinning :)

all pictures from pintrest of course

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So what Wednesday, take 3

So what if the only thing i make lately is soup...I have turned into my mother.

So what if i had another breakdown this weekend and tried on my pre-preggo jeans thinking they might fit... even my one size too big jeans wouldn't fit... then i cried, so lame, i know

So what if i whipped out the NSYNC Christmas CD this week and blared it with the windows down. people stared but i didn't care.

So what if i can't make decisions. i stood in front of the goldfish at target the other day for possibly 3 minutes trying to decide between flavor blasted goldfish or regular. i went with flavor blasted

So what if i have a constant need to get rid of things... i feel overwhelmed when i open a closet or drawer that is cluttered with stuff we never use. i have a perpetual goodwill box in my home and when i go shop i drop it off... a little ironic, don't ya think... 

So what if i've already put my Christmas decorations up... just kidding :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

flip to the flop and a recycled table top.

Another to do..
Clean/Pretty Up the porches.
I don't have before pics but i have some lovely after pics of our porch clean up.
I made the chalkboard on the right. It says, "Give Thanks to the Lord"
I have been loving burnt orange ever since i added it to the nursery so it is gradually making it's way through the rest of the house :)
This is on the back porch. 
I moved the directors chairs from our upstairs porch, downstairs and put new fabric on them. 
The bottom of the table is a seat we had on the front porch and the top is a table top i got from a friend. It has been sitting on my porch leaned up against the wall for months while i searched for a table bottom to find it on our porch the whole time!
I was asking the hubs how we could make a bottom and i showed him how i had tried to make a bottom out of the same chair, (that is shown in the picture below) but it wasn't working the way i had it and the hubs said, "it'll work if we turn it upside down." (pictured below) and WA LA! he's.a.genius. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pumpkins and spice and muffins are nice

I am sooo ready for fall! the last few days we have been relaxing with the windows open and our mulled cider candle burning. I've already decorated for the season. and I'm working on a few more diy projects that I'll hopefully blog about soon. But this pumpkin muffin recipe is the icing on the cake when it comes to fall! it's delicious AND the easiest recipe you've ever seen!
 Here goes...
Last year my friend gave me the recipe for these AMAZING pumpkins muffins and i have been making them ever since!
They are the easiest.muffins.ever. 
you will be making them for every event you go to i promise :)
This is what you'll need

1 box of spice cake
 1 can of pumpkin
1 bag of chocolate chips (i like the mini's the best)

That's it!!
Mix everything up with an electric mixer, and it will look like this.
(do NOT mix anything, like eggs or oil, into the cake mix just add it by itself.)
i like to make them into mini muffins cause they cook perfectly, sometimes the large muffins don't get cooked all the way through.
I have made reg size muffins, cookies and mini muffins and the mini's are my favorite.
Bake at 350 F for 15 min and you're done!
So delicious and they will make your house smell like fall. ahhhh

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baby Update Week 20

So I'm not sure where the time went but i was checking the  to see how big our little guy was and that crazy site says he is the size of a cantaloupe! 


Please tell me how that is possible? i mean i know he is eventually gonna be a watermelon but i can't believe I'm halfway through this thing?
I have been so bad about taking bump pics (besides the sideways ones in the mirror.) I keep meaning to but always forget, so hopefully I'll get to that this week.
Here are some baby updates.
How far along? 20 weeks
Total weight gain/loss? 10.5 lbs
Maternity clothes? a few
Stretch marks? not yet
Sleep? not very good
Best moment last month? seeing baby boy move around like crazy on the ultrasound screen
 Not yet :(
Food cravings? hmm. i was walking through walmart today and saw crunchy Cheetos and wanted them but then saw the poofs and wanted those, then i passed the cheeze it's and ended up with those.
 He's got a penis!
Labor signs? nope
Belly button in/out?
What I miss: sleeping on my stomach!
What I am looking forward to:
feeling him move around!
We went to the Dr this week and i was informed that i have an anterior placenta.  Which is when your placenta is on the front wall or your uterus. sorry if that's tmi. My Dr says it's like baby G is kicking a pillow and I'm on the other side of it. That's why i haven't felt it yet. So hopefully i will feel it in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So what Wednesday, take 2

So what if i can't make it to the checkout without opening a box of cheese its.... Cheddar Jack is the best.

So what if my husband can work my sewing machine better than i can.

So what if checking things off my to do list is possibly the most exciting thing EVER..

So what if the only way i am prepared for our little guy is by having his nursery done cause that's the only thing i know how to do...

So what if i am already listening to Christmas music.

So what if i had a small breakdown when we toured the hospital this week. I'm growing a baby people.

Nursery Update!

I found this lantern/lamp at the Endless Yardsale for $3. HOLLA!
I decided to hang it in the nursery because we are working on changing the lighting in there. Right now there is track lighting on one of the beams and i'm NOT a fan. 
So this lantern was the first step to replacing the track lighting. 
And it makes the coolest pattern on the wall when the other lights are off.

 The hubs also finished out the trim on the dry wall. I'm still trying to figure out what to do on this wall, i'm thinking a large wall map but still not 100% sure.
I Love the nursery! We are almost finished and i'll be back with before and after pics when we're done!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sock-et to me

This might be my favorite project i've ever done! 
I found this chandelier at the thrift store for $7 (well it was really $10 but i talked them down to $7 :)
 I have been wanting one for our bathroom to replace the ugly track lighting that was there. (that i forgot to take a pic of...)
 I removed the bulbs and white plastic wire covers and covered the wires with newspaper.  (this is an after pic cause i forgot to take before pics.)

 I didn't want to spray paint the cord, because it makes it all sticky so   i  my sweet husband sewed a cover for it. 
Well i started and had it almost done and realized my lower bobbin wasn't threaded so i stormed off to do something else and came back and the hubs had finished it. i love him.
 and there ya have it!
it was really hard to get a good picture of it with the lighting and all. 

You will not believe how much this project cost me!
Chandelier $7
Paint $7
Fabric-scraps i had laying around.
Total = $14

1 shelf, 2 shelf, 3 shelf, Bunch!

Happy Monday! One of the things on our to do list this weekend was to replace the cabinet in our laundry room with shelves. I have been wanting to do this forever because i've grown out of the cabinets and there has been stuff covering the counter for months. The first few pics are from when we first moved in.
 It never looked this clean except for the first few months we lived here.

Here's the most recent pic but i didn't get a good one of the counter. But you can see from the bottom of the pic that it was a mess.
 So we took the cabinet down.
I spackled and repainted the walls.
Brother and sister came over and helped us, well they weren't just here to help but they were so kind to lend a hand :) 

 The top of the rope is eye bolted into the wall and the rope is knotted at the bottom of each board. 

 And DONE!
 I love it! i have so much more space and i love the look of the rope and raw wood.

I'm thinking about putting a curtain under the counter to hide the washer and dryer.
Like this.

and one more time...  

I actually WANT to do laundry now :) 

Project breakdown
Wood -$36
Rope -$12
Eye Bolts-$3
Trim Nails -$2
Total = $53
BUT we had a $16 gift card which made it only $37!


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