Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Fever

This weekend i started some spring planting. i should have been been spring cleaning but flowers are much more fun. I found some pots to put plants in around the house and headed to Home Depot to find some plants to fill them.

This is how my hanging baskets turned out.
My Mom gave me those cute little red flowers (4 total) I put 2 vines on each side which were $2 each ($4 total) and the purple plant in the middle was $3.50. Sorry i'm not good with names i just pick out what i think is pretty :) 
So the total for each hanging basket was $7.50 x 2=$15
Not to bad!

I got these pots in the clearance section at Lowes a few months back for $1 each. I bought three plants at a little less than $2 each and split them up between all three pots. 
Pots $3 + Plants $6 = $9 Total

I also picked up some herbs for the kitchen. I planted Parsley, Oregano and Cilantro. Each herb was $3.50 and i already had the pot so i paid $10.50 for all the herbs.
I was planning on keeping them in my kitchen and taking them out to get a little sun each day, but if anyone has any tips for growing herbs please let me know!

I got this tea cup a while back at the thrift store for .25 cents. and the plant inside was only $2.
Isn't it perfect for spring!
O and that little bird is new, i got him at Michaels on clearance for $3.50. 
Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather!


Katie Garrett said...

Those are so cute! How did you turn the teacup into a flower pot? I saw that idea in Country Living and have the teacups to do it with but don't know how. :/ Your house looks so ready for spring! :)

Laina said...

Hey Katie, I just put some rocks in the bottom and plopped the plant right in. i don't know how long it will last but i read to stick your finger in the soil about an inch down and if it is dry it needs to be watered. Hope this helps!

The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

wow. i'm obsessed with the teacup!

Laina said...

Me too! and it was so cheap and easy to do i just plopped the plant in the tea cup!!


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