Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So what Wednesday, take 1

I just learned of this so what Wednesday last week over at GuffeyLove, and thought i'd give it a here goes...

So what if i already decorated for Fall and it's not even September.

So what if i read a list of 8 things you can't do after you have a baby and the only one i was sad about was, "Zone out to a Real Housewives marathon."

So what if i wear the same tank top in a different color ALMOST everyday...

So what if i pee every.time. i sneeze.

So what if i have only cooked 4 dinners since i've been pregnant. ( :/ sorry hubs )

That's all i got, maybe i'll have more next week.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nursery Progress

Remember how we decided to do a National Park themed nursery? Well not really themed but our trip to Utah to visit a few parks was our Inspiration. This weekend we had a little bit of time to work on the nursery and this is what we got done...
aren't the climbing holds on the wall awesome?
We still need to trim out the drywall.
The rocker will go in the corner under the shelves.
I have picked out the fabric for the crib bedding and my wonderful mother in law has offered to make it!  i am so excited to show y'all the fabric i picked.  The main fabric is inspired by this chair i fell in love with but can't afford...
Here is our room cost so far...
Shelves-wood $12 brackets $28=$40
Paint-$12 + sample paint $3=$15
Total (so far)= $55

Next project. Wall decorations!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Boy: Noise with dirt on it.

Well we have some VERY exciting news to share.. you have probably guessed it by now. We are for SURE having a BOY!  At my 12 week appt they showed us this picture of what they thought was a tiny penis.
and when we went back this week (16) they showed us this...
She outlined it, just in case we couldn't see it :)
We are SO excited about our little man!  

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Remember when i shared with you my idea for the mirror wall? Then I collected some mirrors and asked for your advice on what color(s) to paint them
Well i finally got around to painting/hanging the mirrors, most people said to paint them black except for the gold and black ones, so that's what i did...
Here is the wall before
the hubs prepping the wall :)
the first few hung..
Now i was planning to put the octagon mirror under the large oval mirror, but see those ugly wall outlets, i just had to cover them up and the octagon mirror covered them perfectly.
now i just need to find two more small mirrors to go under the large oval mirror. 
I'm not thrilled with it but maybe once i'm finished it will grow on me :)
What do y'all think??

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just a little Pantry Organization

I was getting my daily dose of I Heart Organizing today when i saw Jen's post on her kitchen cabinets specifically the pics of her pantry. She inspired me to organize my pantry, a task that was LONG overdue. So here are some of the before pics.
Everything i used to organize i already had in the house. 
And here it is after
Top shelf snacks
Shelf #1
This basket is perfect for grabbing stuff for our lunches!
Shelf #2
 Cans and Utensils (none of our drawers are wide enough to hold our utensils at first we just threw them in a basket but then i needed the basket so we used this mason jar idea...)
 right side
 left side
Shelf 3
Basket-boxes of mac n cheese, pizza crusts, tortellini, etc. 
right side pasta and rice
Shelf #4
Breakfast stuff
Left side unopened cereal, unopened almond milk, oatmeal, and syrup
My adorable lunch box is in the middle and on the right is our opened cereal bags. 

Bottom shelf is serving dishes and trays, kroger bags and sushi supplies! 
There ya go! 

One more before and after
I was on a role tonight and worked on two other projects! I'll post more on those later this week...

Monday, August 8, 2011

I wanna rock and roll all night

I found the rocker of my dreams...
And the best part... the hubs is IN LOVE with it. 
i mean we love it the same amount which is sooo crazy!! 
only one problem, it's way way way above my price tag... ($1,700)
Are You Kidding Me!?!? who pays that for a chair!!

Ok so i'm on a mission to find similar fabric and a similar chair to get reupholstered.
If you know of or find a similar fabric clue me in!! i'll be looking as well and keep you updated :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Endless Yard Sale 2011

Endless Yardsale year 2! My friend Natalie and i headed out for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday. We didn't take any pictures while we were out, it was so hot we didn't carry our cameras but here's what i found.
Globe $6-for the nursery
The guy i bought it from wanted $10 and Saturday i offered him $5 he said no so i put it back and went back today and Natalie asked if he'd take $5 he said $8 She said $6 and he took it! 
Linens table runners doilies and napkins all for $1
Vintage Pillowcase $1 
Onesies and hats $3
 lantern $3 for the nursery
Wire basket $3 
 Milk Crate $5
 Bike basket $3
Vintage Light $3- Reminds me of the green one i got at the thrift store a while back... 
 Window $4 larger frame $1 two small frames .50 cents each.
I'll be back with updates this week of what i do with everything!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thrifty Finds 8.1.11

So it has been a loooong time since i've been thrifting... we are saving our monies around here for Baby G so i've been holding back...this is way harder than i am making it sound :)
Anyway last weekend i went to a thirft store called Providence in Fort Oglethorpe. This thrift store is awesome because you can haggle! 
Here is what i walked away with!

I found this adorable rocking chair for the nursery for $5!
I love the distressed chippy look but i may need to put a clear coat on it to keep it safe for Baby G. Anyone know anything about that??
 I got this utensil holder for $4 a little high but i asked them to come down on a couple other things and didn't want to push my luck :)
 i have the same one in brown but thought this would be a fun pop of color for a while. And i think i'll use the brown one as a candle holder.
 and my FAVORITE purchase. This lovely Chandelier. Now at first i was thinking for the closet but it's a little big so i think we're gonna put it in the bathroom.
 It was marked $10 but i asked them if they could take $7 and they said yes! 
We are gonna paint the walls in the bathroom blue or maybe green so what color do you think i should paint it??I was thinking something bold but i also thought maybe grey, or oil rubbed bronze.. so many options!
Lemme know what color you think i should paint the chandelier, and if you know of any clear protective coat i should put on the rocking chair!
Thanks guys!
P.S. This weekend is the Endless Yard Sale!! I went with my friend Linds last year, you can read all about that here
I am going on Saturday and Sunday this year. We only went Sunday last year and got SO MANY DEALS cause people were ready to pack up and go! 
So hopefully i'll be back with some awesome finds for you next week!


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