Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Craft Room Update

Hello! So recently hubs and i got new couches! We love them. 
What did we do with the old couches you ask? Well they were both pull out couches and we need the extra guest space so we put the full size pull out in my craft room.

The twin size pull out couch is sitting in our bedroom waiting for our Yard Sale to get here so we can hopefully sell it.  

Anyway i thought i'd give you a little update on my craft room, a lot has been going on in there...

I got these new shelves, that i also mentioned in this post

and of course the new couch

you remember the filing cabinet i scored for some of my supplies.

See that bulletin board? Here is a close up.

Well i'm posting one just like it but a little smaller in the Shop.


You should know... said...

SO CUTE. I want a house

L.Caroline said...

I love it! (I think the word "love" is in almost every comment i make about your blog...) Really, though. I dream of having a craft room... that's organized... with fun-colored walls... Like yours! Great job, ma'am.


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