Tuesday, November 30, 2010

White Waxflower/Frame makeover

I found a new favorite blog and wanted to share it with you. Mary Grace over at White Waxflower is such an inspiration to me. I love how she just throws stuff together and makes it look so interesting.
She has some really cool tutorials.
I love her anthropologie inspired bedroom! I WILL be doing something like this in my room!

 She dresses super cute!

And she makes really cute videos with her dog Jemima.
How has she inspired me?
I  made this frame.

I found the frame on black friday for $2.48 at the thrift store. I spray painted it Caramel Latte by Krylon. When i was taking the glass out i broke it so i wrapped the picture that was in the frame in burlap, and taped some random things i had laying around the house to it. The map was the front of a journal i had, and the green heart is and earring that my friend Ashley gave me, but i lost the other one :(
I also jazzed up my shelf in the bathroom. 
here is the before
And after
I shopped my house to get the "thrown together" look.
From left to right.
Basket Walmart $2
Books $1.50 (I bought a buggie full of those books for $1.50 i have used them all over the house!)
Candle holder thrift store $1.50
candle on top of white candle holder $1 walmart, wrapped in hemp
White Candle with black lid-From great friends in Colorado
Jar free from my friend Allison, she got them out of a guys trash :)
Painting by my sister, she is awesome
Lantern-Pottery barn sale $12.50 (I had a giftcard)
Brown beaded candle holder inside PT lantern-Homegoods, came in a pack of three i got them  half off after Christmas last year for $3

So if you haven't already go check out her blog


The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

omg. i clicked the video and immediately head my girl, doris day. i love this woman already. hahahaha and her outfit is suppppper cute!

marygrace said...

Aww! You are so sweet, and this post made my day! Thank you so much! I love, love, love that shelf, is that an old shipping crate? Fabulous! I may steal that idea for my entryway!

Thanks again:) xoxo

Laina said...

Sheila i knew you would like her style! And Mary Grace yeah it's a pallet that i found in an empty lot by my house! I made something for my foyer too and it's so nice cause you can hang coats on it and store mail inside. Good luck with the project!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I was forward to your blog via Mary Grace's blog. I love love love your old pallet shelf, what a cool idea. I may have to steal your idea...lol!

Great blog, can't wait to check out other posts.

Laina said...

Hey DianeCruz! thank you so much, please take the idea, that's why i share :) i'd love to see a picture when you finish!


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