Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New addition to the family!

It has been soooooo long since i've posted!! Since we moved into our house about 3 weeks ago we haven't had internet or cable, so posting has been a bit difficult. This saturday we got a dog, we have a fenced in back yard so it is perfect for our little pup!! His name is buddy he is sooo cute. We got him from the humane society and on Mondy we took him to the vet and found out he is about 10 months old and a retriever dalmation mix. Here are some pics they are from the humane society website so they are not too recent but we will add pics soon :)


Mallory said...

Buddy is ADORABLE!!! You can definitely see the retriever mix in him. His eyes remind me of my parent's retrievers! So cute. We need Buddy and Emma to meet asap. They would be great friends. :)

Laina said...

Yes they should!! please come visit soon!!! Love you and miss ya girl!


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