Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So what Wednesday, take 2

So what if i can't make it to the checkout without opening a box of cheese its.... Cheddar Jack is the best.

So what if my husband can work my sewing machine better than i can.

So what if checking things off my to do list is possibly the most exciting thing EVER..

So what if the only way i am prepared for our little guy is by having his nursery done cause that's the only thing i know how to do...

So what if i am already listening to Christmas music.

So what if i had a small breakdown when we toured the hospital this week. I'm growing a baby people.


Nicole said...

Alaina, I love your blog and I really love the "so what" posts! My husband can work my sewing machine way better than me too!! And the baby stuff and emotions will all even out at some point... :-)

JoAnna Jackson Garnto said...

These are GREAT!


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