Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So what Wednesday, take 3

So what if the only thing i make lately is soup...I have turned into my mother.

So what if i had another breakdown this weekend and tried on my pre-preggo jeans thinking they might fit... even my one size too big jeans wouldn't fit... then i cried, so lame, i know

So what if i whipped out the NSYNC Christmas CD this week and blared it with the windows down. people stared but i didn't care.

So what if i can't make decisions. i stood in front of the goldfish at target the other day for possibly 3 minutes trying to decide between flavor blasted goldfish or regular. i went with flavor blasted

So what if i have a constant need to get rid of things... i feel overwhelmed when i open a closet or drawer that is cluttered with stuff we never use. i have a perpetual goodwill box in my home and when i go shop i drop it off... a little ironic, don't ya think... 

So what if i've already put my Christmas decorations up... just kidding :)


Sally said...

So what if you made the most delicious bean salad and I made it yesterday and can't get enough of it
sending you the banana bread recipe now

Diamonddigger said...

this post made me smile :-)

Allison said...

I love reading your so what lists!


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