Sunday, August 7, 2011

Endless Yard Sale 2011

Endless Yardsale year 2! My friend Natalie and i headed out for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday. We didn't take any pictures while we were out, it was so hot we didn't carry our cameras but here's what i found.
Globe $6-for the nursery
The guy i bought it from wanted $10 and Saturday i offered him $5 he said no so i put it back and went back today and Natalie asked if he'd take $5 he said $8 She said $6 and he took it! 
Linens table runners doilies and napkins all for $1
Vintage Pillowcase $1 
Onesies and hats $3
 lantern $3 for the nursery
Wire basket $3 
 Milk Crate $5
 Bike basket $3
Vintage Light $3- Reminds me of the green one i got at the thrift store a while back... 
 Window $4 larger frame $1 two small frames .50 cents each.
I'll be back with updates this week of what i do with everything!


LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

You found many great items. Thanks for sharing. :)

Happy Week,
LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

The Burfitt's said...

i love all of your finds!!!
:) so hoping i get to see you saturday...i am ready to see that BUMP!!!
love you!

Anna said...

what wonderful you mind sharing which end of the sale you shopped?

Meghan said...

Wow! I'm so jealous of your globe find, I was searching for one for our future nursery too. I was curious where you all shopped? We were mostly in Tennessee.

you can read my post at


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