Monday, September 19, 2011

flip to the flop and a recycled table top.

Another to do..
Clean/Pretty Up the porches.
I don't have before pics but i have some lovely after pics of our porch clean up.
I made the chalkboard on the right. It says, "Give Thanks to the Lord"
I have been loving burnt orange ever since i added it to the nursery so it is gradually making it's way through the rest of the house :)
This is on the back porch. 
I moved the directors chairs from our upstairs porch, downstairs and put new fabric on them. 
The bottom of the table is a seat we had on the front porch and the top is a table top i got from a friend. It has been sitting on my porch leaned up against the wall for months while i searched for a table bottom to find it on our porch the whole time!
I was asking the hubs how we could make a bottom and i showed him how i had tried to make a bottom out of the same chair, (that is shown in the picture below) but it wasn't working the way i had it and the hubs said, "it'll work if we turn it upside down." (pictured below) and WA LA! he's.a.genius. 


Sally said...

I love now knowing what these porches are like in person!!!

JoAnna Jackson Garnto said...

Laina I LOVE your front porch! That table is AMAZING!


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