Wednesday, April 20, 2011

From Banana Peel to Curb Appeal

Ok So. Hello one and all my name is Rob and I am the luckiest husband in the world because I am married to the radiant woman who runs Recycled Interiors.  This will be my first but not last post and will consist of three projects done to the cabin.  Let me first start by saying living in the sticks is the bees knees, get it sticks like the logs of the cabin.  So my part of the blog will consist of projects done around the house for next to nothing.  Yes you heard right a lot of the stuff I do will cost next to nothing.  It comes in real handy when you are low on funds or just don't have any.  So on with the curb appeal.

First this is a picture before the cabin a few months after we moved in.
From there you will see the transformation
When I started, on one of my days off I noticed that there was no railing on the steps up to the house.  So after scouring our abandon lot (where we found the supplies for this, this and this project) I found a bunch of wood to take care of the railing.  So with some free wood and some screws from the shed you got yourself a handrail that matches the house.
Next the 4x4's that were holding up the porch were just killing me.  I mean I am a man I want stone and strength.  So I farmed a bunch of stone from the abandon lot, and three bags of cement from our local home improvement store.  So to recap I spent $0 on stone and $13 on cement to create some beautiful pillars.

Then a little stone around one of the trees to bring the stone full frontal.

The third project i tackled was the adirondack chairs for our porch.
Here is the before picture  
If you couldn't tell the wifey used them to spray paint her many projects... That's why they are all janky.
We ran out of spray paint, so the chairs aren't finished yet but when we do i'll share a better picture!

Keep it real and stay creative!


lisbonlioness said...

We,,. hello, Rob! You had me at "radiant wife", I lurve me a man who appreciates his better... err, other half.
Love your stone pillar thingies, they look pretty awesome for a "next to nothing" project!
Maybe you sticking your nose out on the wifeys' blog will inspire more significant others to post on their girls' blogs? I'm sure as heck gonna show this to The Man to get him out of his shell!

L.Caroline said...

ROBZ! I love that you posted on the blog!! The cabin looks amazing- both inside and out! Looking forward to future posts and projects from you.

Ashley said...


A-town said...

yay robz!


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