Monday, April 11, 2011

Look what i did with my thrifty finds...part 2

Hey guys, i have been fixing up some things... here they are
Basket from thrift store $1

perfect next to my bath tub.

See that frame on the far right
i spray painted it the same turquoise that i painted the basket, and painted the inside with chalkboard paint.
i am waiting to get a chalkboard paint pen but i haven't found one yet.
 pyrex :)
vintage straw holder
i love the open cabinets
These are the containers i found for .50 cents each.
I am working on organizing more kitchen cabinets so i can take more doors off.
I got this very large frame at the thrift store a few weeks back.
I had some white paint laying around the house.
i distressed the edges a little bit and of course...painted it with chalkboard paint. i'm tellin ya i love the stuff!!
So there ya have it, the rest of my finds and a few before and afters. This weekend i went home to help a friend with their nursery. And a few months ago i helped another friend with her nursery and haven't posted yet, so soon i will do a large post on Nursery makeovers. 
Stay tuned!


LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

I love the idea of taking the doors off. I don't like my kitchen cabinets but it would be cheaper to take the doors off and paint the cabinets than it is to replace them. :)

Thanks for the great idea!

Long Wait For Isabella

Becky said...

I love your idea, not sure I could get away with no doors (I have to be ninja fast opening my baking cupboard to prevent an avalanche). I like your chalkboards too, very cute, wish I had seen you blog before I bought one!

Becky x

Brittany said...

I've been SEARCHING for some chalk pens. I found a set at Joann's Fabrics for $20 and they were neon pink, green, and orange. I want white! If you find some, do tell!!

Becky said...

Oh p.s chalk pens are fairly cheap on ebay in the uk, about £4, not sure if this would be the case where you are though!
I could always send some out!! :)

Vintage Gal said...

Becky ~ what great makeovers ~ love, love, love the chalk boards ;-)

Chrissi said...

in the picture of the two (unpainted) frames with the tiny shelves ... where did you get that little piece with the shelves? i need one sooo bad & have been looking high & low...let me know if you're willing to sell it or could you keep your eyes open for another one?!

Laina said...

Chrissi, i am using that one for a wedding gift otherwise i would definitely sell it to you! but i will keep an eye out for one for you and let you know when i find one!


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