Saturday, April 2, 2011

Looong, Wonderful day of Thrifting!!

Hello friends, i am so tired right now but so excited about the day i just spent with Ordy&Joonthe Guff and Jessica! Here are a few pics of the day!

A couple yard sales, a junk yard and 8 thrift store later, i'm EXHAUSTED!
I'll be back with detail pics soon :)


Lee Ann Barton said...

I've got to go with you sometime. Man, I'm drooling!

Brooke Wright said...

Hey Alaina! Where exactly are these great pics? We just got back from flea market shopping in NYC and are itching to take a road trip to some markets closer to home. Can you let me know the names of the markets above? Thanks!

Laina said...

Lee Ann- i will go with you whenever you want!!
Brooke- did you get good stuff in NYC? i'd love to hear about it! These pics are from a place called Estate of Confusion in Chatty. I don't know of many good flea markets around here but i know of some great thrift stores. let me know if you want my list :)

Sally said...

Brooke, you went to NYC?!?! Jealous! And, you two girls are the MASTER thrifters I'd love to go with either of you anytime - and bring my little bundle of joy along too :)


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