Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Saving and Organizing, and it feels so good!

I come to you with very good news tonight!! So if you remember one of my new years resolutions was to pay off my student loans. Well with the help of my amazing husband we have paid off one of my Student Loans which means we only have one more loan to pay off. We had been paying half of our mortgage towards this loan every month so now we can put that money into savings.
It's such an amazing feeling.  
Anyway on to real life.. i started organizing my closet tonight, this might sound like a simple task, but once you see the pictures below you'll understand why it may take a while to get the  after pics.
I am ready to get rid of stuff i just don't know what to get rid of and what to keep.

If you have any tips please share :)


A-town said...

well I'll take some of the boots. You can keep the dog. Oh and I'd love some cardigans. kthanks

Woman of Many Thoughts said...

Organizing is so much fun! Lol. I have a habit of collecting clothes...and shoes too. :) here are some tips that work for me: go through and store all your winter stuff. Then organize by type and color. So short sleeved all by color, then long sleeved all by color, etc. Then turn the hangers around. When you wear an item and wash it put it back on the hanger the right way. If you find there are items left on the hangers turned the wrong way after a month get rid of it. There are some really cute closet takeovers out there in blog land lately for some inspiration. Have fun!

Katie Garrett said...

if you have a plato's closet by you, they buy gently used clothes and although you won't get all the money back what you paid for, but you can get some! :)

~PJ said...

I'd say that the balloon can go :)

Congrats on getting rid of a loan, we're in the process of getting out of debt too and I love sending in those final payments!

Ashley said...

Get rid of your "Go fish" dress and give it to me!!

Anonymous said...

It's posts like this that make you wish your blogger friends lived in your neighborhood! lol

We could've thrown a rad clothing swap!!

Congrats on the cleanout.


Laina said...

Thanks for all the advice ladies!
A-town when i get rid of boots i'll let you know, i couldn't give you my sweet dog anyway and i need cardigans too :)
Woman of many thoughts-i LOVE the idea of turning the hangers around i have heard of that before but just never done it, but i'll definitely try it this time and let you know how it goes!
Katie- i loved plato's closet too i actually just went there today- but the last two times i went they couldn't give me anything :/ it helps to know what kind of clothes they are buying before you go :)
PJ-YES! this was the first loan we paid off together and it was amazing! good luck with your loans!
Ashley- When i'm ready to get rid of that dress, it's yours :)
Diane-Me too! i would love to do a clothing swap!!


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