Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nursery Makeovers

To get some experience in this whole interiors design thing i have helped some friends with their homes. Here are the before and after pics of two nurseries i've done.

First up is LeeAnn. Last fall the hubs and i took a weekend trip down to GA to help her makeover her son and daughters rooms. Here are some pics of her sons room.
ps. sorry for the horrible pics these were taken before i got my awesome camera.
Also the lovely lady modeling the room for me is my friend Ashley :)

and after

And her baby girls nursery/guest bedroom


Below is where the crib would go but she hadn't gotten it when we finished.
My lovely assistant
My seamstress :)
in progress...

This makeover was so fun! it was the first time i got to help someone with their room and we did both rooms for around $140 that includes, paint, fabric, and accessories. Pretty good huh!

Next up my friend Elizabeth.  She is having another sweet little boy in May so we did a giraffe theme. Here are the before pics.

more of the frames
and after
All the frames are of course from the thrift store. 
The curtains are from ikea and we sewed some giraffe print on the bottom. Boy was that a task ;)
Elizabeth already had all the furniture all we had to add was some knobs for the dresser, accessories, curtains, and wall decor. 

My favorite part are the knobs we got for her dresser.

I didn't get a picture of the valance finished, it still needed to be lowered.

The only thing missing is the crib and Elizabeth made an adorable mobile, that i hope she does a blog post on. hint hint :) 
I will hopefully get updated pics with the crib/mobile/and cute little boy in them :)

Thanks ladies for giving me some practice!! love you two!!


lisbonlioness said...

Nursery? Heck, I want this room for myself!

Chrissi said...

you're so good :)

Ashley said...

I should of practiced my modeling skills a little more!

Healthy Branscoms said...

So sweet! :) Love it! I am following your blog! Love your ideas! Erin



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