Friday, April 8, 2011

Look what i did with my thrifty finds... part 1

Hey guys, i wanted to show you what i did with some of my goodies from last weekend.
The bike wheel on the left i put above our bench in the kitchen with some pictures in it.
WaLa :)
I have been trying to incorporate more "manly/stuff the hubs would like" into our decor. Since he loves mountain biking,   i knew exactly what i would do with it when i saw it at Estate of Confusion.
These little guys are in the process of being "made over."
But i found a perfect place for them.
I put pillows on them to cover up the UGLY outlets on the front of our fireplace, you can read all about that here.
So that is what i have done so far, i will be back with more pics of what i did with all the stuff i got last weekend!

1 comment:

~PJ said...

Just a thought... that bike wheel would make a really cool base for some kind of hanging art or light fixture. I thought of it immediately when I saw your haul from last weekend, kind of like the old wagon wheel lights.

Love it as a photo display area too!


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