Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thrifty Finds 4.2.11

Hey guys so i'm back with some pictures from last weekend of our LONGEST day of thrifting. Seriously we left my house at 8:45 and didn't get done until 6:15!!
But it was all worth it :)
 We started at 2 Goodwills, since it was 1/2 off day! Then we went to Bethel Bible thrift store and 2 more thrift shops in the same shopping center. Then we headed over to America's Thrift, lunch at Zaxby's then we went up to Ooltewah to check out some yard sales. Then we headed back to drop stuff off, we loaded up 2 trucks 2 times by the end of the day, and down to Estate of Confusion. (Estate of Confusion is where i took all the pictures in this post.)Then we went to 3 thrift stores in Fort O. Fhew! i'm exhausted just thinking about it!
So here goes...
The frame on the left was $4 the little box in the middle, i guess it's a shadow box was also $4 and the large frame on the right was $2. 
I was going to put my sewing thread in the shadow box but i don't have very much thread and i don't have a good place to put it in my craft room, do you have any other ideas of what i can put in it?
The bike wheel was $5 and the galvanized can was $5. Perfect for holding my potting soil.
And look at the inside of the wheel is yellow :) love it!
Joon found me some pyrex! Pyrex is my favorite.
She also found me this adorable frame for $4
The Ball Mason jar was $1. Small yellow jars .50 cents each. I am working on organizing my kitchen cabinets so i can take more doors off :) so these were perfect for my baking cabinet! The vintage glass on the right was only .60 cents. I have been loving vintage lately!
Here is a closer picture.
I bought the lamp on the right ($2) because i needed the harp from it for the lamp on the left.. more on that later :) 
Any ideas of what i can do with the lamp on the right since it's not really a lamp anymore...

And these lovelies, i got for $3 each!! I found this new thrift store in Fort Oglethorpe that will will go down on prices, these were marked $4 and i asked for $3 each, because they were new and the usually only go down on things that are there 2 weeks or more. So i scored both of these babies for $6!
I have big plans for them.
These Readers Digest were . 25 each.
and look at all the cute covers!

This basket was $1.
It's got a little divider which will be perfect for the my master bathroom
See that large table among the ruble in the pic below? That's the hubs new workbench i got him :) well really i just saw it on the side of the road and the girls didn't want it were kind enough to let me have it, Ordy strapped this baby to his truck and hauled it home for me!
Robby loves it! I'm gonna try to convince him to do this to his peg board :)
There you have it, my latest thrift store finds. I'll be back to show you what i did with all the goodies :)


Southern Sassafras said...

Cute finds! Where do you live? I had family that live near Fort Oglethorpe! Sometimes we pass through there and I'd like to hit some thrift stores!

LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

What great finds! I wish I had friends who loved thrifting like this. :)

I love square basket looking ottomans. Great deal!

Long Wait For Isabella

Jamie said...

The "shadow box" is actually a printer's tray. Check out ali edwards blog for a cute idea using photos and scrapbooking supplies.


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