Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thrifty Finds 10.1.11

Hey guys, sorry i have been MIA lately if you follow me on twitter you know that the hubs and i have been chillin out in Montana for the past week! It was amazing and i'll be back with pics soon but for now i have a few garage sale finds i picked up before we left town last weekend.
I got these vinyls for .25 cents each. i walked out with 10 total!
 This chair was only $3 and the ruler was .50 cents.
The oar was .25 cents i'm gonna repaint it and hang it in the nursery. 
basket= $1 
I am going to replace this box (below, $12.99 TJMaxx) with the $1 basket for diapers and wipes and other baby butt necessities.
 I also plan to make a liner out of the fabric i picked for the nursery. My mother in law is making the bedding and i am so blessed to have such a talented woman in my life! I can't wait to show you pics.
 While in Montana we picked up this cute little black bear.  I'm not a big stuffed animal fan so my plan is to give him only this one and hope he latches on :)
The chair was perfect for my vanity area. 
The wicker matches the bottom of the table. 

 And i will leave you with this project preview... these are the materials we are using for the crib mobile.


JoAnna of re-U creating new spaces said...

Laina good to see you back! You racked up at that yardsale..way to go! I look forward to seeing the completed nursery!

Mrs. Thriftary said...

Laina - Great finds! And congratulations on the iheart organizing mention!


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