Friday, October 28, 2011

On a Sunday afternoon

On a Sunday afternoon
For a few weeks I have been wanting to paint the large wall in our kitchen in chalkboard paint. Thanks to pintrest and all these inspiration pics..
So on a Sunday a few weeks ago I had this conversation with the hubs while he was shootin hoops in the driveway…

Me-hey baby so I have this idea…
Me-well I was thinking it would be really cool to paint our big kitchen wall in black chalkboard paint. We could write verses and things we need to pray for on it, and Zi can color on the bottom half…
Hubs-are you serious, (which is what I expected because I am always changing things which is usually fine except for when painting is involved…)
Me-well yeah I just think it would look so cool and….
Hubs-I’m just kidding I think that’d be awesome and I love black I think it’s my new favorite color!
Hubs-yeah let’s do it.
Me-like right now?
Me-So I can go get stuff right now and we can do it today?
Hubs-yeah go get it.
Me-Ok! (happiest girl in the world!!)

So that’s how we I decided to paint the kitchen wall one Sunday afternoon. It only took us two coats of chalkboard paint and a couple hours.  I bought two quarts of chalkboard paint but we only needed one because I had a little bit left over from some projects but it was clumpy so we just used it for the trim.

It cost us $20 to do the whole wall, here is what we bought
2 quarts of black chalkboard paint (we only used one so we returned the extra)
Blue tape to tape off the trim
Paint brush

Here is the before picture…
And after…

 I got this "chalk holder" at hobby lobby for $2.50 it's a dresser pull.
I saw the  “I want to have adventures with you” on pintrest and LOVED it, we were going to incorporate it into the nursery at first but it went so perfectly on the chalkboard wall that we just did it there.
The frames I had from thrift shopping and the owl is a hot pad I got for .50 cents a while back also from the thrift store. I had debated spray painting him but I’m so glad I didn’t cause he goes so well with the brassy/gold frames!
I got the old yard stick at a yard sale a few weeks ago for .50 cents. We cut it and put it on the wall to measure Zion as he grows. But once he gets taller than the yard stick we’ll have to think of something else 
So what do you think? do you like the black or did you like the blue better?
We LOVE it and can't wait for zi to be able to color all over it :)


Brittany said...

oh my gosh, I love it so much. I think that is such a great way to incorporate chalk paint. Where did you find the white chalk pen? I've been searching and all I can find are bright colors..

Laina said...

Hey Brittany thanks! my friend gave it to me but i think she got it at Michaels in the scrapbooking section. and i believe it comes in a pack of three. Good luck!!

Cindy Donnell said...

It looks Great, as all your crafty projects do :)

Meredith said...

Your wall looks awesome! I love that it was so spontaneous and your hubby was so gung-ho about the idea. :) Your little nugget is going to love it when he's old enough to hold the chalk!
Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont

JoAnna of re-U creating new spaces said...

Laina - this is SO cute. I REALLY like it alot. Good job!

Mrs.B said...

That's awesome...
LOVE it, love it, love it!

Lee Ann Barton said...

LOVE IT! Bryan is going to hate me BUT I think we will do this to our kitchen to add to the cabinets. :) YAY!!! Maybe I will do it this weekend!

Mrs. Thriftary said...

Laina - I'm obsessed! This turned out so amazing! Great job :)


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