Thursday, October 27, 2011

Master Bathroom Updated

A few months back I found a set of 4 identical frames at the thrift store for $1.50 each. They were gold, until I painted them oil rubbed bronze, to match the chandelier of course.
So when we got back from Montana I printed four 8x10’s from Walgreens. I had 40% off so the total came to around $8 I think, can’t really remember.
Now they hang in our master bathroom. And the total project only costs $14.


MommaMindy said...

Beautiful! You did an amazing job with the photography, the frames and hanging them.

I was also admiring the towel hanger you old crate? I love seeing your creativity come out in your home as you use old objects for new purposes.

Laina said...

Hey Momma Mindy, thank so much! and yes, the towel holder is an old crate we found in an empty lot by our house, it's one of my favorite projects :)


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